21 Yoga Pants We’re Wearing Nonstop This Spring


You’ve probably heard by now that Gen Z has renamed your favorite early 2000s workout staple “flared leggings.” Regardless of what you’re calling yoga pants these days, we’re assuming you’re not opposed to bringing the trend back, otherwise you probably wouldn’t be reading up on the best flared leggings to buy now. Anyone born in 1995 or earlier knows it was near impossible to go outside in the early aughts without spotting at least one person in the stretchy pants (likely paired with a zip-up hoodie, thong sandals, and a flip phone), and they happen to fit right in with the comfort-first mentality of quarantine style. 

We’re almost a year into this “new normal” nobody saw coming, and the collective struggle is real. If you’re not yet ready to ditch your sweatpants and replace them with jeans and trousers, we don’t blame you one bit. Even once offices, restaurants, and schools get back to regular operations, trends won’t immediately back bounce to what they once were. We’re predicting cozy materials, movable essentials, and a relaxed aesthetic will stick around for the long haul, and yoga pants in 2021 aren’t what they used be. 

Brands are reimagining the pants with updated silhouettes, materials, and detailing that will assure you don’t look like you just stepped out of an episode of Laguna Beach. Ahead, the best flared leggings to add to cart now, whether your yoga studio is open or not.

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