21 Glass Dildos That Could Really Be Their Own Work of Art

When you think about dildos, you might automatically picture something made of silicone, but the best glass dildos offer another common, body-safe, and very cool material for your sex toy. 

They’re kind of the perfect blend of looks and feel, and are highly versatile. They’re often ready-made for both G-spot and anal stimulation, thanks their bulbous ends and textured bodies. “Glass dildos look beautiful and feel amazing when used for insertion,” says Good Vibrations resident sexologist Carol Queen, Ph.D. “Already smooth and slick, add a little lubricant and they become a great and versatile toy.” 

They’re also great for temperature play, which can make sex a little more pleasurable depending on whether you want your glass heated up or chilled. Pop a clean dildo into the fridge or run it under cool water for an extra tingly effect upon insertion. Or, if the glass feels a little too cool to the touch, you can also warm up your glass dildo by heating it up with warm water.

As a material, glass is easy to clean because it’s non-porous, so this is one of the easiest types of toys to share with partners, too. Glass dildos are also hypoallergenic for people who are especially sensitive, says Megan Harrison, LMFT, a kink expert and licensed marriage and family therapist who works for Couples Candy. And don’t worry about shattering—the glass used to make these sex toys is shatter-proof and very durable. Glass toys also work with any kind of lube (no matter whether they’re water-based or not), Harrison adds.

The only thing Queen doesn’t recommend is using glass dildos as strap-ons. “A wrong thrust with a completely hard dildo would really hurt,” she points out. 

If you’re curious about exploring the surprisingly large and varied world of glass sex toys, here are some of the best glass dildos to start with—in alluringly . 

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