18 Purple Shampoos Women With Gorgeous Blonde Hair Swear By


Lighter hair tones are notoriously high-maintenance—and come with the annoying reality check that brassiness is bound to happen. That’s why incorporating the best purple shampoo products into your hair-care routine is step one to keeping your texture healthy and preventing those pesky yellow and orange tinges from dulling your shine. 

While purple shampoos won’t make your hair lighter, they can help you maintain and tone the current hue you have—especially if you’re doing an at-home dye job or making fewer visits to your colorist. If you’re wondering why purple, it has to do with the color wheel: Shades on opposite sides of the circle cancel each other out, which essentially means purple pigments can help counteract the unwanted warm tones that build up and take the brightness out of your bleach platinum, mushroom, or cool blonde hair. Purple shampoos do their most dramatic work on dyed hair—whether it’s ashy, icy, shadow root, or tweed-like—but even natural blondes can use these products every once in a while to make their color pop.

Of course, anyone who’s embraced lighter hair in the past knows just how many products are required for upkeep—and there’s no way you’re going to lather on just any purple-pigmented shampoo after spending good money on a pretty blonde balayage or gray-blending treatment. That’s why we asked women with amazing blonde and gray hair about the toning shampoos they swear by for nourishing and refreshing washed-out yellow and orange tones in between hairstylist appointments. 

Whether you’re a year-round blonde or only brighten your color during the summer months, below are 18 of the best purple shampoo products that women with great hair keep on deck. 

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