17 Wildly Addicting TV Shows to Stream While You Wait for the ‘Bachelor’ Premiere

Are you, like me, in the mood to watch shows like The Bachelor but stuck in between seasons? We have some time before Matt James’s season of The Bachelor airs, and I have a reality-TV itch that needs scratching. And not just any kind of reality show: I need one that perfectly blends romance, drama, hot people, and gorgeous locations. A show that’s equal parts sappy and salacious. One during which you’re laughing hysterically in one scene but then oddly sentimental the next.

The Bachelorette and The Bachelor are masters of this craft, of course, but there are other reality shows that do it too—and they’ll save you during this rose ceremony drought.

Take Love Island, the British dating series that, on the surface, is completely bonkers. But by episode three you’re emotionally attached to all the contestants. Or how about Netflix’s Love Is Blind, which will have you shouting at your screen within minutes? Bottom line is there’s plenty out there to keep you occupied until that first rose ceremony.

Here are our recommendations for shows like The Bachelor and Bachelorette, but be warned: Once you start any of these shows, you won’t stop.

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