17 Supremely Warm Winter Leggings to Make You Think ‘What Cold’?

You might consider your go-to pair of leggings as the ultimate wardrobe MVP, but in colder months, it’s winter leggings that are the true workhorse. Your average spandex yoga pants won’t save you from the shivers and downright discomfort that comes with subzero temps, which is where thicker fabrics and longer inseams come in. 

Fleece and merino wool are top choices for working out or lounging on cooler days—being both soft and naturally moisture-wicking—while full-length styles are ideal for keeping your ankles from freezing over the moment you step outside. 

Whether you’re looking for an everyday fleece style to run quick errands in, a legging with reflective accents for night runs, or a merino knit layer to wear as a base under ski clothes, there’s a perfect winter legging out there for you—and we tracked down the warmest styles out there to help you navigate getting dressed during this time of year. Ahead, 17 winter leggings you’ll want to wear straight through spring. 

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