17 Movies Worth Watching Before 2020 Ends


On paper, one might think the best movies of 2020 don’t have much in common. It’s hard to see at first any overlap between, say, an edge-of-your-seat horror movie like Run and a gentle family drama like Minari. But dig deeper: The 17 movies, below, got the team at Glamour through a particularly difficult year. They helped us laugh, cry, escape, find clarity, and feel during a time when we needed that the most. 

The stories, characters, and worlds are all different—but the emotions you’ll feel as you watch are the same. And chances are, you haven’t seen every movie on this list yet. (And if you have, may we suggest our list of the best TV shows of the year?) So before 2021 hits, take the time to add these to your queue. You won’t regret it. 

See our picks for the best movies of 2020, below.


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