17 Lip Masks That’ll Give You Softer, Plumper Lips in Minutes

Not that anyone’s ever asked me, but an overnight lip mask is the one item I’d choose to always keep on my bedside table. (Realistically, I usually have three pots or tubes perched beside me while I snooze.) As someone who develops dry, peeling, flaking, chapped lips if I go a single night without my trusted balms and lip sleeping masks by my side, I’ve learned to keep one of my favorite formulas within arm’s reach. 

While I definitely have my preferences (more on those below), I was curious to know which formulas other Glamour editors have been wearing and loving. Turns out all of us seem to have especially dry lips in need of an extra layer of moisture, which means we know exactly what works to treat them quickly and effectively. Here, the best lip mask options we’ve tried so far, from cult favorites like Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask and Nooni Applebutter Mask to drugstore classics like Aquaphor. Scroll through for the secrets to softer, smoother lips in the morning—no matter how chapped they’re looking right now.

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