16 Sustainable Activewear Brands That Are Changing the Game


Finding the best sustainable activewear brands might’ve been a struggle in the past, but eco-conscious practices are no longer a trend in the fashion industry. They’re a requirement for any company that wants to compete in the marketplace—including those that want to make you sweat. 

Newcomers like Girlfriend Collective have built an entire ethos around sustainability, while legacy brands like Adidas have actively shifted business models to be more environmentally sound. From repurposed ocean waste to recycled cotton, nylon, and polyester, the best sustainable activewear brands are getting incredibly creative when it comes to sourcing ethical materials for leggings, sports bras, bike shorts, and the like, making conscious shopping that much easier for consumers. 

Whether you exclusively use clean, earth-friendly items or recently vowed to shop more sustainably in 2021, there’s an endless reservoir of sustainable workout clothes at your disposal. Upgrade your at-home workouts and browse a few of our favorites below. 

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