16 Maternity Overalls to Get You Through Your Pregnancy Style Rut


Pregnancy is beautiful, but maternity clothes are often…not. One exception to the rule, however, is maternity overalls. Oh, you disagree? Consider the usual pieces moms-to-be are confronted with when shopping: skinny-as-sin jeans that suffocate your swelling ankles, leggings with unintentional drop crotches, and an endless sea of bland tunics.

No, flattering clothing are not top-of-mind when you’re pregnant (especially when you’re pregnant during a pandemic), but feeling put together, cute, and yourself while your body is going through some of its biggest—and maybe most uncomfortable—changes, is important. Which makes the appeal of maternity overalls no surprise. They’ve been worn by everyone from Olivia Wilde to Sophie Turner, and The New York Times went so far as to do a deep dive into their “unbearable cuteness.”

Olivia Wilde in a white tank, denim overalls, and Chucks. Try finding an easier outfit to copy. We’ll wait. 

David Krieger/Bauer-Griffin

Jessica Alba giving a master class in pregnancy style

SMXRF/Star Max

It’s not hard to see why: For an item of clothing with no real waistband, they still offer enough structure to help you feel supported—and you certainly don’t have to shop from capital-M “maternity” brands to get a pair that fits. (Take notes from Sophie Turner’s Levi’s, below.) You can forgo unsnapping the straps for frequent bathroom runs, and depending on the material (think 100% cotton or linen), they can rival the comfort of your coziest sweatpants. Plus, maternity overalls can be easier on the bank, being a top and bottom all on their own—just add your comfiest bralette.

From the Levi’s to the Pizzaslime x Erewhon hoodie, Sophie Turner’s pregnancy drip is real. 

Chris Wolf/Star Max

Ultimately, when you’re pregnant or are a new mom (or a mom, period), you can’t really put a price on an outfit you don’t have to think about in the morning. So do you need maternity overalls? Take the below 16 supremely comfy, versatile, and on-point styles below as an emphatic yes.

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