15 Genius Tips That’ll Give You Clearer Skin for Free


“I always recommend having rinsing with cool water if your skin is in need of refreshing,” she says. Not only does the chilly temperature make you feel more awake, it can quickly reduce puffiness, tighten the appearance of your skin, and calm inflammation.

Celebrity facialist Candice Marino adds that you should always use cool water instead of hot when washing your face. “Hot water not only leaves your face feeling stripped, it can also weaken your skin barrier, lead to dehydration, and aggravate any inflammatory processes—like acne, rosacea, and melasma,” she says. “Washing with cool water will keep your skin calm and prevent exacerbations of any skin conditions you’re trying to ward off.”

3. Switch Your Pillowcase

We hate to add to laundry to your to-do list, but keeping your pillows clean is a top beauty secret. Pillowcases can hang on to dirt, oil, and bacteria from our faces, hair, and environment, and can become a breeding ground for acne. Aim to swap out your pillow covering at least once a week to reduce the risk of breakouts. (Treat your face masks the same way, and swap them out as much as possible to decrease “maskne” from forming.)

Louise recommends a silk pillowcase to “keep your products from escaping from your skin, so you can really ensure they’re penetrating.” Sure, it’s money, but if you are looking to invest in a solid option, we’re huge fans of Slip’s Silk Pillowcases, which not only help ward off wrinkles (no creases in your pillow equals no long-term creases on your skin), but also make your hair shinier.

4. Sleep on Your Back

We’re not going to remind you to get eight hours of sleep (which is probably the oldest free skin care tip); we figure you already know. But as essential as how much sleep you’re getting is the position in which you sleep. It really does matter. “After UV exposure, the second most common cause of wrinkles is squishing your face into a pillow at night,” says celebrity aesthetician Renée Rouleau. “It’s like ironing wrinkles into your skin.” Sleeping on your back is ideal, since even pressing your cheek into a pillow can cause lines.

5. Use Gentle Soap

According to Smita Ramanadham M.D., a plastic surgeon and founder of Skin by Dr. Smita, harsh soaps are a big no-no. “They can irritate your skin by stripping its natural oils that are important for hydration,” she says. “Using harsh soaps can cause any previous skin conditions to worsen or flare up, including acne or rosacea.” Swap a harsh cleanser for a more gentle formula like CeraVe

6. Go Makeup-Free

If you’re comfortable skipping makeup most days, do—especially if you’re working from home because of Covid-19. “My clients who wear minimal or no makeup on the daily have the clearest and healthiest skin,” says Marino. “Save makeup for events, just be sure you’re wearing a SPF every single day to protect your skin.”

7. Wash Your Hands

“Your hands are covered in tons of bacteria from touching doorknobs, keyboards, etc.,” says celebrity aesthetician Joanna Vargas. “When you touch your face, you’re spreading that bacteria to your skin, which then can trigger breakouts and other skin problems.” 


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