15 Enormous Scarves to Stay Swaddled in All Winter Long


It may be a new year, but the urge to stay swaddled like an infant in a burrito is alive and well. The best winter scarves, particularly ones that straddle the line between outerwear and a literal blanket, are here to make that all possible—even if you’re considering giving sweatpants a break for the time being. While you might be leaving your dedication to loungewear and the sedentary life in 2020, it’s entirely too brick outside to mess around in the warmth department, and the need for “screen breaks” (a.k.a. midday naps) continues to strike at a moment’s notice. That’s where bedding-adjacent accessories come in. Selena Gomez gets it.


Remember when Lenny Kravitz strolled down the streets of NYC in a truly gargantuan knit scarf? The world took notice, and you can think of the best winter scarves as the perfect cocoon to brew the “new you” come springtime. By the time May rolls around, you’ll emerge a bright and beautiful butterfly—well-rested from a winter spent safe at home, staying hydrated, doing your skin-care routine, and minding your business. Opulence.

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