15 Actually Stylish, Comfy Laptop Backpacks For Your Commute


While working from anywhere sounds extra nice these days, schlepping your laptop around in your standby work bag can feel like, well, a schlep. Laptop backpacks for women can come in handy—not to mention serve as an all-around godsend for your shoulders—whether you’re packing up to a new coworking space, enrolling in school in the fall, or heading back into the office shortly.

These bags are designed to hold laptops, from an old 12-inch laptop you’ve had since college to a brand spanking new 15-inch MacBook Pro. Unlike your average purse or tote bag, which concentrates all the weight on one shoulder, having a bag with a dedicated laptop compartment— with shoulder straps to keep the weight balanced—can help you keep your alignment in check and prevent any residual soreness the next day. 

Laptop backpacks are true workhorses too. In addition to being a work backpack, they moonlight as travel backpacks, with expandable compartments to accommodate anything you might need on the road (think chargers, hand sanitizer, books—you get the picture). You can find laptop bags with water-resistant fabric, anti-theft features, and even USB charging ports (!) to juice up your cellphone.

But it’s not just all function—you’ll find form here too. You can find leather or faux-leather laptop backpacks for a more polished look, or minimalist canvas backpacks that serve double duty as a carry-on (or even a diaper bag). We scoured best-sellers and under-the-radar laptop backpacks for women alike to help you find the perfect one for you.

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