14 Celebrities on What It’s Really Like to Live With Psoriasis

Psoriasis is an auto-immune disease affecting nearly 7.4 million Americans, but from the way it’s discussed, you’d hardly know. But that’s changing thanks to celebrities with psoriasis like Kim Kardashian and LeAnn Rimes, who have been using their platforms to share their own personal journeys of living with the condition.

While the cause for psoriasis remains unclear, when triggered it produces inflammation in the body that can lead to flare-ups of red, itchy patches of raised skin. “This occurs because the overactive immune system speeds up skin cell growth,” according to the National Psoriasis Foundation. “Normal skin cells completely grow and shed (fall off) in a month. With psoriasis, skin cells do this in only three or four days. Instead of shedding, the skin cells pile up on the surface of the skin.”

Even though there isn’t a cure for the condition, there are several treatment options available that help minimize flare-ups, and they’re getting more attention as women on social media continue to chip away at the stigma. Read on for the celebrities with psoriasis who refuse to live in the shadows—and the advice they swear by. 

Visit The National Psoriasis Foundation at psoriasis.org for more information on managing your psoriasis. 

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