13 Celebrities Proving Scrunchies Are Still Cool


The first memory I had of using a scrunchie was when I was in the second grade. I was riffling through my older sister’s bathroom cabinet box full of miniature butterfly clips, neon slap bracelets, and glitter spiral hair ties that she phased out of using in lieu of Bump-Its (Hi, Snooki!). ‘90s hair trend accessories felt like ancient relics to angsty middle schoolers growing up in Miami, Florida, but to young girls following in their older siblings’ footsteps, her discarded fashion trash was my treasure. 

In the past few years, nostalgic yet comfortable trends have been everywhere—like the micro-UGG boots you’ve seen everywhere. It’s safe to say the pandemic sped up the process and forced us to trade uncomfortable headbands and overly-large Carrie Bradshaw-esque hats in favor for terry cloth headbands and silk scrunchies. Truly, who needs a 5-step hair care process when you’re sitting in front of a computer at home in sweatpants all day?

Scrunchie style, and the effortlessly cool athlesiure look that comes along with them, are some of the best things to come back into our collective fashion consciousness post-pandemic. From First Lady Dr. Jill Biden to Bella Hadid, some of our favorite dolls are back to rocking the quintessential ’90s accessories. Silk or cotton, fluffy or bejeweled, XXL or mini: Scrunchies are 100% back and better than ever. 

Below, see some of our favorite celebrities wearing scrunchies for your daily dose of Pinterest it-girl inspiration. 


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