13 Boxed Wines That Are Actually Really Good


No shade towards the white zinfandel every “cool” mom kept on tap for girls’ nights in the ‘80s, but the best boxed wines of 2021 are giving beverages of yore a run for their money. The boxed wine glow-up is upon us, with sales surging for the convenient, budget-friendly option when bored humans have little to do but work, bake, and pop a bottle (or open a box). With around three liters of liquid in your average make (more than three times most bottles), the alternative vino made sense when lockdowns began—and brands followed suit with innovative takes on the cost-efficient refreshment. 

With drink makers reimagining what we sip and how we sip it (from non-alcoholic spirits to new-age aperitifs), bar carts and fridge doors are taking new shape, and the boxed wine renaissance won’t slow down once the world reopens. Its carbon footprint is supposedly less than that of the bottled variety, and stocking your fridge with a box means less store runs for re-ups. Ahead, the 13 best boxed wines to try now (with reviews to back them)—including the bestselling Franzia red blend, which is famous for a reason: It’s not new to this, it’s true to this.

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