12 Summer Outfits That Say “It’s Leo Season”


“Since I’m summer-loving babe, it seems like my favoring of summer clothes fits in perfectly around my birthday. I love slip dresses, mini dresses, crop tops, sheer clothing, and bikinis. I absolutely feel myself more so during Leo season so the gold jewelry, lioness hair, and rad outfits abound.

“I’m most excited to wear interesting colorways and patterns, bare some skin, and accentuate it all with high-end designer accessories. I’m currently on the hunt for my birthday dress and am hoping for something form-skimming with some bare shoulders and legs, possibly in a flowing material, in a show-stopping color.”

Danielle Combs, senior creative editor at HYPEBAE

“If we’ve learned anything from Madonna and J.Lo (who are arguably the most iconic Leos to exist), it’s that we possess an uncanny ability for making grand, dramatic, and over-the-top statements with our brazen fashion choices and risk-taking sense of style. Now, it doesn’t mean you have to be a Leo in order to be stylish. But unlike other astrological signs, Leos never shy away from being the most daring or extravagantly dressed, and the same rings true for my own sense of style.

“For me, my favorite time of the year is Leo season, and understandably so. The act of getting dressed is an artistic expression I demonstrate year-round, but when Leo season arrives along with my birthday I use it as an opportunity to truly experiment with my style and try out unconventional or eclectic outfits that celebrate and express my identity in true Leo form.

“This Leo season, I’m looking forward to wearing these incredible bright pink pants from PHLEMUNS paired with a psychedelic top from Tyler McGillivary that’s corseted in the back. To accent the brightly-tinged hues in a fun, playful manner, I’m eager to slip on these towering Marc Jacobs platforms (that I’ve only worn once out in public) that are bedecked in leopard and glitter, my stack of Beepy Bella jewelry, and a shimmering Paco Rabanne bag made out of pink paillettes. Another outfit I can’t wait to wear and document, are these aqua metallic bike shorts from Anna Slevin that come complete with a coordinating asymmetrical tank in the same hue. I’m planning to layer this sheer, leopard R13 top I have underneath the tank and accessorize with gold earrings and a chunky bracelet from Laura Lombardi, heaps of layered chain necklaces in mixed metals, and those metallic Marc Jacobs platforms to really accentuate and enhance this ‘disco dream girl’ look.”

Jaycina Almond, model and founder and executive director of Tender

“I feel like Leo style is a combination of being able to pull off the current trends and make it our own, plus just wearing whatever we want without looking like we’re trying too hard. It would make sense if our sun sign influences our personal style because that’s part of who we are, right? As a Leo, I’m a bit extra, a bit dramatic, and that spills over to my style. My style is extra, especially when you realize I’m chasing a 4-year-old all day.


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