12 Home Products That Create Space Between You and Your Tech


Home wellness products may not be first on your list of WFH office essentials, but after a year of doomscrolling, you may want to bump them up to high priority. Quarantine or not, our phones are no longer just a conduit for communication and connection — they’re basically an appendage. What started as an innocent obsession with AIM in grade school has spiraled into a full-blown smartphone addiction for many of us, and the pandemic has only exacerbated this fixation. 

At this point, the downsides of excessive screen time and social media are well documented; you don’t need to reference the many scientific studies to know that smartphones can hinder mental health and sleep quality. To a certain degree, we’ve all lived it. Fortunately, our consumer culture seems to be catching up with this reality. While so much of what we consume demands screen time, refreshing new home products designed to create healthy boundaries between you and your tech are becoming more commonplace. From designated charging hubs to actual phone jails (or to put it more eloquently, “Phone Homes“) these products can help users become more aware of their smartphone use while encouraging more mindful and conscious consumption. 

“I feel that creating healthy boundaries with our tech is not only important but imperative to our wellbeing and evolution,” says ceramicist Rachel Saunders, creator of the aforementioned Phone Home that quickly took Instagram wishlists by storm. “Pausing from the never-ending influx of stimulus the internet provides allows us to return to our own natural rhythm. Mindfulness engenders agency, which brings us back to ourselves.”  

If you’re craving some space between you and your tech, look no further than the below 12 home wellness products. In addition to encouraging healthy separation from your phones, tablets, and even laptops, they’re all thoughtfully-designed and will look great in any space, a win-win.

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