12 Best Cooling Sheets for Your Most Refreshing Sleep Yet

If you’re waking up to night sweats on the reg, it’s probably time to invest in the best cooling sheets. Just as some textiles and fibers work to create insulation that can trap body heat (looking at you, college flannel sheet set) others are designed to do just the opposite: move air around. And if you run hot when you sleep, you ~definitely~ want to prioritize airflow. “Many people sleep warm and are looking for cooling sheets that will help keep them feeling cool and dry all night,” says Ariel Kaye, founder and CEO of Parachute. “It’s important to find a fabric that meets your needs and style.”

Cultivating a positive bedroom vibe is about so much more than putting a stop to overheating; Research suggests everyone, no matter how hot or cold they run, will actually sleep better at lower temperatures. And per the National Sleep Foundation, the ideal temperature for sleeping is 65 degrees, since slightly cooler temps can actually help you preserve body heat. So if all that’s stopping you from having a well-deserved good night’s sleep is turning down the thermostat and shopping the best cooling sheets, you might want to go ahead and solve these ASAP. 

What is the best cooling sheet?

It all comes down to how your performance sheets are made. “Fabric and how it is woven are the most important indicators of whether [a person] will sleep hot or cold,” explains Kaye. While we’ve been trained to keep an eye out for high thread-count sheets, that may not be as significant as looking at the weave, which have unique grid patterns that are complex and can impact how they feel on skin.

For starters, “sheets made of natural fibers, like cotton and Tencel, are the best for hot sleepers because they make for a more breathable fabric,” says Lauren De Saint Martin, Merchandise Manager of Soft Goods at Casper. Breathable sheets means that heat won’t get as easily trapped inside of them—and therefore won’t contribute to a rise in body temperature. 

Other winners include bamboo and long-staple Egyptian cotton, “long-staple” being the length of the individual cotton fibers. Longer fibers typically indicate stronger—and even softer—fabric. Percale weave is another option that experts recommend. “It’s a tightly woven weave, accomplished in a classic one-thread-over-one-under fashion, that gives the fabric a simple, matte finish while providing ultra breathability,” says Kaye.

Do cooling sheets work for night sweats? 

Running hot when you sleep boils down to your core temperature. Our body temperature naturally drops a few degrees when we sleep, but the heat we release needs a place to go. Think of cooling sheets—and their generous fabric weave pattern—as a window designed give heat an escape route and give you that extra airflow. They also tend to be made with fabrics like bamboo, Tencel, or cotton because these wick moisture; you may also see linen sheets, which are similarly airy. Less heat trapped under the covers equals fewer night sweats for you.

With that in mind, we have 12 customer-faves to help you hit reset and tackle night sweats. Whether you already know you want moisture-wicking cotton percale, are seeking the softest, eco-friendly eucalyptus sheets, or just run hot at night and want a more cooling bed, you’ll find your match here—because there’s no use in wearing comfy PJ sets and sleep masks if you don’t also have the best sheets.

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