11 Press-On Nails That Actually Look Like the Real Thing

This may be one of the most anticipated summers in recent memory, and we’re zhuzhing up everything from our hair to our manicures in preparation. The best press-on nails are a no-brainer when looking to infuse your beauty routine with something simple but impactful—thanks to the sheer convenience of the nostalgic beauty trend

As with lip gloss, visible thongs, and “prom” hair, throwback nails are back—and they’re reminding us of simpler times when DIY beauty was a way of life. But unlike the flimsy versions we used back in the day, these elevated options actually look like the real deal, and they act like it too (as in, they won’t pop off with the slightest bit of pressure). Plus, if you’re not comfortable returning to the salon for a pro-level mani just yet, these new and improved stick-on nails can be easily applied directly from your couch, all while helping you feel polished for much-needed reunions this season.

Every hand and nail shape is different, so the perfect press-ons for one person may not work for another. That’s why we asked Glamour staffers with a variety of nail bed sizes, finger lengths, and aesthetic preferences to put the best fake nails to the test, and give us their honest thoughts on application, appearance, and removal. We even have pictures to show you what it might look like when you decide to give these a whirl. 

Ready to read our thoughts on the popular styles? Ahead, we put 11 of the best press-on nails to the test. 

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