11 No-Booze Spirits to Add to Your Bar Cart

Whether you’re doing Dry January or are just looking to curb your booze intake, non-alcoholic spirits can help keep the art of the nightcap alive without hindering 2021 intentions. Resolutions can be limiting, but the top of the year is a great time to set new goals into motion—and fewer hangovers, better sleep, and a clearer head can only aid the process. With buzzy terms like “mindful drinking” and “sober curious” on the rise, even those who don’t struggle with addiction are reimagining their bar carts to better align with their wellness rituals—and brands are concocting innovative, zero-proof spirits for next-level mocktails.

Gone are the days when virgin drinks meant sugar-packed Shirley Temples (sorry, Grandma), and too-sweet syrups and sodas are being replaced with botanical tinctures to help calm the mind, energize the body, and keep the dinner table lively—without the icky aftermath associated with liquor. Ahead, you’ll find the best non-alcoholic spirits to replace your nightly negroni, Monday margarita, or weekend mimosa—and they might just earn a permanent spot on your bar cart, whether you’re going sober for the month or the long haul.

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