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Eliott said: “It is still early, the season is still early. We still have a lot of games to be hit. We must continue to work, continue to work hard, find better implementation, improve offense. As a team It must be better. “

Saint team sign into the front jet to join the Sunders

The New Orleans Saint Shed team will take the broth of the thumb surgery in the week, and the Brandin Cooks will be put into the injury reserve, and thus make a lineup vacancy on Wednesday.

Sanders is the 4th round of this year’s jet fleet, but in September as the Bat of the Chicago Bear team, it was discarded back to the attack on the attack, and then cut off. The latter is waiting for a while in the Training lines of Arizona Salamagues and Seattle Hawks. Sanders should have the opportunity to abandon the attack on the playback of Cook, and the old Robert Meachem is likely to absence the team competition in the next few weeks.

In the middle school stage, students will learn more complex specific techniques, concepts and tactics, thus winning in various related events. Main training, improve and master concept and tactics, and more advanced movements, including: basic attack, basic defensive, kick line, offense and code, player position, tactics; pass, ball, discard, Ball, running route, defense.

Two teams are likely to intentionally trades anthroposin: Miami dolphins and Los Angeles lightning. Both teams only have the elderly four-point guard as a transition, and they need to select a future home quartz.

NFL Waist Flag Rugby Middle School Stage Course

The secondary school program provides a platform for students to improve the basic action techniques and sports patterns learned in the primary school. Students can use them widely in sports activities. Through the secondary school class, students will learn a series of content such as the complete competition rules, technical tactics skills.

Elio hopes to get more opportunities, he said: “I think more than a few times, but I also consider the situation in the top three games. We have later tried to reverse & hellip; & hellip; but there is still no stay When choosing the mushroom is not very wise. If you need to score as soon as possible, you will take a 9 minute slowly. I understand what I mean? You must save time and score quickly. “

Quinin hinted that if the lion decided to trade, the fair was completed before the round they were selected, because he didn’t want to pick up the team and other teams remotely at the time of the round to the lions.

The Saint team has not officially announced the signing in Sanders, but ESPN’s Feld Yats (Field Yates) reported that the Saint team’s Runnard Brian Leonard was cut off. Sands to Sanders. At the same time, the Saint team also cut EDWIN BAKER this week, perhaps KHIRY Robinson and Pierre Thomas can be hurt. .

Run Eriott hopes that the cowgirl improves the attack as soon as possible

Beijing September 28, Cowboy, Ezekie Elliott, currently won the ball 48 times, advanced 274 yards, the code 5.7 is the best career, and it is also the top three in front of him. The rush is consistent. However, his first three games were 71 times in the first three games. At this time, it was 55 times at this time.

This is Quiin since its high-rise in NFL, there has been such a high level in the election. He understands the value of the exploration, and also understands the importance of the draft to the team. The lion has interviewed a number of quadrants, including Justin Herbert, at the University of Oregon. Herbert may be the second or third quarter-off of the draft.

The lion is currently in an interesting position. Due to the presence of Matthew Stafford, the lion does not need to choose quad-saving. Some teams behind the lions urgently need to pick four-point guard. At the same time, given many people think that the strongest player of this selection is very likely to be checked by Washington red skin, and the lion has a collection of reasons to exchange a series. Valuable draft.

The general manager of the lion is confirmed that it is negotiating with other teams.

After the NFL TV network reporter Ian Rapoport reported that the Detroit Lion had intentionally traded a week, the team general manager confirmed this news.

Three years ago, “3 to 28 incident”, Salunam is a prosthetic arrangement of his conservative attack tactical, too sent to the ball; and the nightmare is still staged, 49 people offensive tactics are too simple, the third quarter is rich The fake run is not seen, just bombed cheap jerseys from China the inner side, trying to use the pavement and short pass to delay time, and the chief has continuously use raid manufacturing, let 49 people quickly hand over the ball.

Jalen Saunders, Jalen Saunders, is the latest join the player. Agent Roch-Aisonus announced that his client has reached an agreement with the Saints, meaning that in his rookie season has arrived in the fourth team.

Subsequently, the chief of the four gears killed, Dimen Williams bounced the second remember of the audience, followed by the division to reverse 24 points, the United States Union finally reversed 10 points, the superbown bowl is again left behind 10 points! And it is the fourth quarter!