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In the local time on Friday, Hiprien’s fingers were injured and will receive surgery in the near future. If everything goes well, he can still recover before the beginning of the regular season. During the Haplion break, Josh Evans and Craig Loston will share the appearance time.

However, in the last season of the season, he publicly played the story of Mike Tomlin after defeating the Miami dolphins. According to the Pittsburgh Media, such a behavior makes his teammates and coaches feel dissatisfied.

Although Hunter correctly pointed out that the team does not have to complete the renewal of this year, the two sides complete the most likely the most likely the long-term team of Mahms this year, and the chiefs are more likely to take it. The greater the contract.

Jagua Safety Weihe Prien will absence all the preseasonJacksonville American Tiger encountered a bad news in the first week of the preseason, near-Terrier Juli Lezhais Thomas reimbursement. Local time Saturday, the team coach Gas Bradley announced that the team safety Weijanon-Hiplien will not appear in the preseason.

Tiger Suscourse Attacks Currently Ranking League 22, Bernard is absent is a snow. Although Michelon’s explosive power is strong, Bernard can also share a lot of pressure for him. In the third and fourth weeks of Michesson, Bernard promoted 182 yards (the shock pushed 130 yards), and got up to 3 times.

A: Two Football, the same is to be strong in the exercise, all collective projects in participating, are extremely high, complex tactics sports, even in some project details, but two There is still different, the football match is stronger, and the rugby can be used both the foot, and the exercise, Wholesale jerseys the exercise, the accuracy is the highest, but football can only use foot to control, Therefore, in terms of accuracy, we often say that football has a strong uncertainty, but rugby can use your hand, under the premise of strong body, more than football, more than football, more wisdom and talent, more Designed rich, wonderful tactics, more charm of human sports.

A: Support, so that the activities involved in the audience are very good, there should be some such projects, I observe a lot of people at the scene, they may always have a lot of exercise in life, but in the NFL weekend scene, they participate Interactive games, don’t make this, do this, just play, play-enjoy.

“In the next 12 to 15 months, there will be a right time to renew Patrick. When I said right, I mean when the player and the team are suitable,” Hunt said. “I don’t want to say that I will be in this year, but I will say that it is a priority business with him.”

Wild horses and external homers Thomas continue to contract negotiations still have no progressDenver’s wild horse took over Moralius Thomas Signed only one week from July 15th privileged label, there was only one week left, and there was no contract with the team. The two sides did not show how much approach signing.

After the end of the third season, Mahmus will be eligible for the first time in 2020. Currently, he is only more than $ 5.2 million in 2020. If both parties can’t complete the renewal, the chief will execute Marhms in the fifth year of the 2021.

A: The contact with the football time is very long. Later, I have a chance to participate in the CCTV. I also have such questions when I first contact, and later, this is a hand and foot can participate in sports, and basketball There is only one of the football, and the rounded ball is more likely to control, so basketball in the game, football can be accurate to every second, every attack, so rugby in confrontation in the confrontation, increase Difficulty, design the ball as an ellipse, it is more difficult to control. The harder is more interesting!

A: Siye, because the kick is kicked, these two positions are similar, because they need to decide the direction of the attack, and there are teammates to protect him in front of him, help him, come to him. Think about how to determine the tactics of attack.

Chairman of the Emirates: Not necessarily in this year’s break and Mahumos renewalThe outside world believes that the Kansas City chief will sign a new contract in patrick mahomes in this year, so that he has become the highest pay quarter.

So if Thomas is not worth the salary of Calvin-Johnson this level, his value is? According to this report, Thomas feels difficult to accept a guarantee income below $ 40 million, and the wild horse does not intend to give him so many guarantees.

The 25-year-old Hiplin is considered to be one of the most potential young security guards. According to the rankings of PFF, he only column 84 in 170 qualified participation in the ranking. The new season, Hiprian hopes to complete a complete season, thus prove its ability.

I noticed a detail, when they participated in the collision training of rugby, they would fall on the sponge, but they stood up at the moment, their expression is pleasant, this experience is very happy. Just like going back to the child era. I think it should be more engaged in such activities, let us first play happy, happy in the process, some people will have a deeper desire to want to know & mdash; & mdash;? “How to run tactical play, Hearing? “, Until the end, the number of people participating in the competition will increase a lot, now everyone is a rugby competition participating in the waist, but then we will try to protect the protective gear, the equipped football game, neither the level of everyone High low, but slowly, this project has fluctuations and progresses.