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Obviously the Hawks believe that Williams is not enough to provide them with lineup depths when they impact the playoffs. If they have more trusted players in the array, Piete Carroll and General Manager John Schneider will never give up a player, even a one they gave 7 million. Dollar guaranteed players.

In the history of NFL, the most accurate player Dan Bailey is injured after the hurt, His is hidden, and the shooting door 3 is attached. He completed a 49-yard shot at a high school and won the team a playoff game.

Counterfeit NFL Jerseys seized by CBP at JFK International Mail FacilityTalk to Haisman – the ex arrive of the sky?Haysman award, full name Haysman’s commemorative trophy, annual awards to the most well-developed players in American college rugby performance. This is an affirmation for university rugby players in the field. At the beginning of December, the award will be announced by the Hay Sman Trust Committee before the beginning of the major bowls and university football seasons.

So this new Jinhai Sman’s winner, how much achievements can I have in NFL in the future?Throughout the Hai Sism, there is no lack of rugby in Roger Steba, OJ Simpson, Earl Campbell, which has successfully selected professional football celebrities, and 4 get The most valuable player in a super bowl. The same Hsman award winners will also play a lot of color in other sports, such as “Baseball British” Bo-Jackson, “Basket Master” Charlie-Ward, etc. The Hesman award is only a certainty of the performance of the university football single season, and wants to be more close in the professional stadium. It is not just talented.

External Threaded WES WELKER has completed an additional shot for the patriot in 2010, but the additional shot door distance is shorter. Defensive Daddham Kong – Su (NDAMUKONG SUH) has tried to add a shot for the lion in 2010, but failed to complete.

“I think he has been able to defeat his players in speed and exercise ability. I think it is more stable when he is running on the route, you will see his performance more stable in understanding the change point and depth of the route. The flying progress is achieved, “Carter said on Tuesday. “Now, despite some flaws, this is a player who has achieved very beautiful data in the first two years. But I think his talent is higher than this.”

try this season, Brown’s offensive end is constantly. The four-point guards have never contracted, and the overall lack of talents in the offensive group has been deepening in depth in the season. But it is undeniable that Brown’s defensive group returned again this year. Last season, their unrecognizable alliances, sixth, this season slipped to 29.

Ridley with speed and route running ability will continue to grow after a season. With Jones partnership should let him continue to get ideal alignment opportunities. If he can play in the new season, the Falcon will have one of the most powerful external connections in the Alliance.

In addition, Clay Matthews has been made a malicious collision quadrant foul, and the official explanation said: “Defensive players put their own or most of the body heavy pressure in pass. On, this is a malicious collision quarterfire penal. “

Williams is difficult to adapt to the defensive system of the Hawks when they appear in Richard Sherman on the other side of Richard Sherman and have been attacked by opponents. He was replaced as a substitute in the eleventh week and did not enter the big list in the past two games but not due to health.

Falcon offensive coach: External hand Lidley will get a progress in the new seasonIn the second season of his career, Atlantian fangs took over Carlvin Ridley, he proved that he was an excellent partner of Julio Jones. The team offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter believes that Ridley will have more excellent performance in the third season.

Although early October, Jackson won the news this year’s Hisman awards. However, because the overall performance of the team is poor, in recent weeks, he has also been challenged by other players in recent weeks. Although I said, but we can’t ignore this 19-year-old boy done in this season, we can’t ignore him that he has become a college competition. When he does not need to face defensive stress as a passage, he is no longer good. In the non-pressure state, his pass success rate reached 63.5%, and 26 reacted, There are 5 cases of being copied. However, after the pressure of the punch, his performance has also been affected, and the transfer rate of the passage is reduced to 41.1%, only 4 passes to reach, but there are 4 times of copying, this It is also the main reason why he is controversial.

After two seasons, Brown was brought to Petty. Although the management believes that the coach needs to bear the main responsibility, some players choose to defend against Petern. Joe Thomas said: “I think he is a good coach, this is not his fault.”

Deshawn Shead Instead of Williams as a starter in the past two games and overall performance compared to Williams. He completed 4 times in the twelfth week, he completed 4 times in the game and 10 times, in seeing steel people, Martavis Bryant, in the game. How to smash Indianapolis, after the horses of the Indianapolis, it is clear that Xie De is defeated several times while being defeated, but the overall performance is stable.