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The third quarter, Cossos Sinus expanded the score to 23:10 with his third pass to Deta. The boller is Chris Thompson. Although Demarco Murray quickly broke the score with a 4 yard of the mushroom, Sam Bradford’s drop was lost by Red Leather. A reachable. The red skin has an advantage of 13 points into the final section. 30:17.

Coss Sinus, Help Red Leak Eagle on the top of the country

On December 27, Beijing time, the National Eastern Region ushered in a competition that was related to the championship of this season, and the Washington Red Leather team challenge Philadelphia Eagle. After four fierce killing, the final red leather defeated the eagle in the scene with the four passes of Cousins. The soap drama of the National East has ended this, and the Hongpi will represent the National East Out-of-Battle Quarten, the eagle and the Olympic giant have been put in advance in the season. The score of the whole game is 38:24.

The fourth game, Cosmin fired, a 13-yard passed, found the fourth pass of Pierre Garcon, who won the end of the game! Subsequent 2 points transformed he successfully sent the ball to Jamison Crowder’s hand. The red skin got 3 leading advantages! 38:17. In the last 4 minutes left left, Bradford finally got a pass to the game. The ball is Jordan Matthews. Although the eagle uses a suspension to quickly manufacture the three-speed out of the red skin and take it back the ball, it is no longer able to narrow the difference. The final red skin is in the away, the eagle. The score of the whole game is 38:24.

Hill initially signed a contract with a decision of Houston, but was given up by Texas last week. He completed 178 battles in four years, got 2818 yards and 34 reaches. 77 codes were completed in the past four year, and 1157 yards and 17 days were obtained.

In the first game, the Eagles of the hometown at home were in the lead. Run Wiler – Matthews Middle Road strongly got 1 yard’s reachable. In this section, the red skin quartz, Kirk Cousins, returned to a 22-yard pass. The boller is close to Jordan Reed. But Dustin Hopkins blocked additional points. However, before the end of this section, Cosin was once again found Riddard, got the second pass to Deta. The first battle, the red skin has achieved 13: 7 leadership.

In the second game, both parties have strengthened defense. After the eagle, after a free kick, the red skin relied on the anti-hitch of Zach Ertz (Zach Ertz), which was rely on the defensive group, and pulled back a free kick. At the end of the half, the red skin still guarantees 6 points. 16:10.

Gao Fu was packaged to a lion with a few selection signs, exchanged the other party quarter-saving Matthew – Stafford (Matthew Stafford). Gaofu said that he is very happy. “Can you go to a place where I want me, I will appreciate me.”

Any referee for the newzimen chalk to worry can voluntarily choose to withdraw from the new season, and the exited will receive $ 300,000 subsidies and ensure that the referee will be retrieved next year. Any referee of novel crown virus detection results during the season will be considered injured during the official activities of the League, will be able to enjoy injuries, medical expense subsidies and other benefits.

Last season, Mei’a was reimbursed because of injury season 6 weeks, which also covered a shadow for his patriot career. Worse, in 2013, Mayo also ended the season in advance due to similar injuries. Mayo’s injury issues and recovery have enable the team to work with him. After the recombination contract, the patriot will save a certain salary space, and Mei’ao will also get the corresponding guarantee. According to reports, if the team selection him will pay back him before the injury, it will pay a full salary. This also means that the patriot is willing to give Mayo enough time and patience to overcome injuries.

Golley said in an interview: “I don’t think about this. But you have to know, I like Gaoff, I like him very much. He is a good person. But no one cares who is a good person. I still There is a place to play, I hope that those people will open their arms and welcome him, don’t be too picky, let him play. He became a reason for the reason, and still had enough playing ability. “

Patriotline Wi Mero accepts restructuring contract requirements

New England Patriots Wiger Jerod Mayo will continue to work for the team. According to NFL official website reporters, Meio and Patriots have been consistent with the restructuring contract. The two sides will sign a complete guarantee contract for $ 4.5 million in a period of $ 4.5 million, which is also included with a two-year team option. According to reports, this will save the patriot to about $ 6 million of salary space.

Todd Galley: Gaoff still has sufficient playing ability

The four-point Guardian Garid Golf Recently was traded by the Ram to the Detroum Lion, and Todd Gurley had an experience of the feeling of leaving the ram.

The 29-year-old Mayo will still have to set out, cheap Jerseys and experts and media are skeptical about whether he can restore the original level. But the patriots, the team still believes that Mei’ao can roll the soil.