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“If you leave the training, you will say, & lsquo;, who is 58? & Rsquo;” McCarti said. “When we ended the training, this is my idea. He looks very good. I think the process of his return is gradual, but he has reached all the goals. You can see him with extraordinary strength and arm long I am very satisfied with the current state of Along. He is in a new environment & mdash; & mdash; not just he has never been playing here, but he has trained well and prepares this opportunity. “

“But he played in a new defensive group. He cooperated with new teammates. Communication, terminology is brand new. So I think this point, I really want to praise our coach team and player in remote conference The achievements, as this obviously continued to spend the time before training camp and the time of training camp. Altong will achieve a great start. He is impressive. Still very fluent. “

Saint Xiu is expected to fill the vacancy of Greta.

Last week, the news of New Orleans, Junier Galette, triggered a controversy last September, and Saints signed a 41.5 million US dollars with Galt. The big contract, the quarter of the quarter is not allowed to surprise the outside world less than a year.

Today, SMG, joined the cowboy, hopes to write a new chapter of his career. He got 33.5 killing in San Francisco in the first two seasons. After many times, he joined the Auckland raid, but then he was banned again. If he can returning to a part of the year, then this is good news for the shock of the cowboy.

Kikaha is a very excellent rushing hand during playing in Washington University. His rushing success is the third place in all the exhibition 3-4. Of course, he still needs to adapt to the guard and defense level of the career. In addition, he was fully suppressed in the face of Andrew Pitt, Andrus Peat, which was in the University of Stanford. This is the worst performance of the season. Also worry. However, we are still confident on this potential newcomer, even if he is only used as a pure sidewalk, it has the ability to make people look bright.

“I love the football game, I love everything I love, I love this part of it, I love this part of the team … I will miss the get along with my teammates,” Chicley said. “I know that when I arrived in the season, I couldn’t think about it in my heart. I hope I am still on the court, but I know that when you think that you have a long time to think about this, you will consider this. What is the best decision to current? You have to make a difficult decision in your life, I think this is one of the most difficult decisions I have done. I hope I can find ways to continue to participate in this movement. “

Chicley announced on January 14th. In the 8 years of the Treasures of the Turnover, he was selected for a while, 7 times selection of professional bowls. He will definitely be selected as a celebration. Before this, he may decide to join the ranks of the broadcast guest.

What Collbert said, it can be seen to make Bell said that he intends to respond to the first week of the season. Bell is very important, but there are 11 people in the offensive group, and the entire team has 53 people, he is just one of them. Colebert looks like this.

“At the end of the season, I really sat down and carefully considered retirement. I am very lucky to have the opportunity to play 8 years, my people are great, everyone is very good for me in the Carolina Black Panther team. They taught me a lot of … After the season, the environment I couldn’t stay again, “Basel said in an interview. “I only know that I have already poured all, honestly, I would like to end. This is nothing to do with the changes in the coach group, I just think that I have given all my heart, I have given everything I have, Time to the different directions. “

Chikli and many players in recent years have been retired when they have peaks in their peaks. As of now, he said that he didn’t want to fight the body confrontation. But he still hopes that his future is related to this movement.

Tylesco said that the Six Assistant Trainer, including the offense coordinator, Frank Reich, in the team, Cheap Jerseys is the decision of McCoo. He said lightning “To convert the point in the offense. We want to become more balanced.”

Of course, everyone knows that the steel man wants to let Bell’s stay. However, considering the renewal speed of the running guard and the eager of Bell’s thirst for the big contract, there may be a large difference in negotiations in both parties. At the same time, as Corbert said, the privileged player label played a role.

Lightning is bad in this season, the first round of Xiu Melwen – Melvin Gordon is disappointing. They were still injured, and Kemi.Vshengh.com most of the teams of the team were absent from the injury, and the outer junction position was also impaired.

With regard to how to use Kahaha, the Saint can learn from the crow to use the way of using Elvis Dumervil. The crow is controlled by 56.5% in Dumovil’s playback, while Dumovil is on the scene, he is a rushing hand at 66.6%. Such words, the total number of on-site files of Kaha is less than Greta, but the ratio of rushing gear is higher than Grett.