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One of the players who may get this treatment are the left-off Castonzo, Anthony Castonzo. He is currently coming to the last year of the contract, and this career has been in the past 8 years of starting players hope to continue to be effective for pony.

“This will be great. Obviously you can have a contract in hand and you are always good for this,” Casteo said. “I have confidence. Basically, I just do a good job in the task on the court and then everything will go to the streak. This is my current mentality. As you said, I will be 30. I will not feel panic before getting the second contract. , & Lsquo; I have to make sure that I have a good way to play, what is it? & Rsquo; I will play like I have been playing like I have been going. This is my view of the renewal. “

But the Saint Saint Interested in Norman makes people think of an obvious question: How can they take his salary if they sign Norman? The wage space of the saints is one of the least alliances. According to the NFL player, the Saint Wach hat space is only $ 3.45 million in Friday, and this space is not much when you chase a player who requires an annual salary to reach a $ 15 million.

“I talked to him after the end of the season,” Pace said in the Nfl Jerseys body test. “I haven’t talked with him recently. He really has a contract in the body. We have some players soon no contract, so that is what we are concerned now.”

The Castelet Zozuo was absent from the five games at the beginning of the season, but he performed excellent in the return of the return, helping the pony from winning 9 wins in the next 11 games. He said that this year’s break has changed his training mode to avoid injuries, and he may now play your best performance.

After the public questioned the role in the team, Bente was placed on December 8 last year because the rib fracture was placed in the injury reserve list. He completed 53 battles last season to get 439 yards 3 times. In the three seasons of the Trendy Bear, the NG has completed the 2114 yards of the 2114 yards at the next anniversary.

Exposed Brisse for Joching Norman to reorganize the contractOne of the most surprising messages in the Josh Norman Brief Team Visit Tour is that the new Orleans Saints are one of the teams listed as the final candidate by Normand.

However, Jones has clearly said that it will not change the coach group before the end of the season. He still expects the cowboy to win the rest of each game, but it is obvious that his patience has become less and less.

According to ESPN, Bris urgently hopes Norman to join the Saints, so he is willing to rebuild his contract to create conditions. Bris was originally $ 30 million wage in the next season, apparently he was willing to change the contract to make the saints to squeeze the space to sign Norman.

Pony Zuo Square Castelet: I hope to renew with the teamBeijing July 23, Indiana Polis Pony renewed with multiple players this year, and General Manager Chris Ballard has talked about the freedom of other future before the start of the 2019 season. Players have the possibility of renewal.

Lags’ father said: “He was trying to move the furniture or something, accidentally being smashed on the car or on the wall. He didn’t have a big problem. I am going to visit him. Just the cutting of the leg. “

Of course, if Bris is willing to rebuild the contract to help the Saint sign Norman, this will make you doubt why he didn’t do this early. If Bris is rebuilding the contract before the start of the free player market, the Saints may chase the players who have to avoid them because they don’t have a salary cap space. If Bris wants to help his team, he should do this, not to choose what you want to do so.

The Saint Work hard on Friday, and the Saint-Norman joined the team, and their efforts included the coach Shaneton personally called Norman. The efforts of the saints are very powerful. Norman then excludes other competitors, only the Saint and Washington red skin.

Dallas denim boss Jerry Jones is not full of team losing performanceA week ago, Darlas Cowbi was buried in Buffalo in Buffalo, and Jerry Jones, was still optimistic about the team’s future. But when the cowboy is in the Thursday night, the mood of Jones is not so easy after a three-game losing.

Bennet brothers criticize the Caterie League worse four points Jay Cutler has never been an excellent quarterfield in the league. Recently, the Note brothers participated in the record of the program to say the quadrant.

Cowboy’s three-game losses make the call to the coach Jason Garrett. At the tenth season of the coaching team, Galt could not let the cowboy stand out from the bad country, and they face the victory of the victory over half of the team to be 0 wins and 6 losses.

Since November 4, Cowbi has only win a game. However, there are currently 6 wins and 7 losses, they still rank the first, leading 5 wins and 7-loss Philadelphia eagle semi-winners. But what they have recently become difficult to believe they can pass the first round of the playoffs.