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“I think this is the right time for us,” Iries explained. “We need time to consider making decisions. In the team, we think about some problems this week, which gives us the final decision to give the direction, I am excited about the direction of our progress.”

In November last year, in the game of Cincinnati, Beckham completed a 10-yard boller, he tribute to the singer with the classic dance step in the MV of Jackson’s “Thriller”. The official twemer of Nfl Jerseys wrote at that time “At that moment, Beckham is like Jackson himself.”

Next, Pony will begin to find the work of the general manager. They may also find other team management people in the promotion of the team. However, the Iris denied the rumors of Manning to participate in the general manager.

Tuesday, Baker Ham used his INSTAGRAM to show yourself to the outside, and he was very clear in his right leg. The Jackson head statue tattoo. He wrote: “Tattoo on my leg but everything is much deeper than it looks.”

In an interview, Escobal said: “I have several words can choose, I have chosen these two sentences, many people hope that I will choose” insistence for many years “but I still like the two sentences I have chosen.”

Small Beckham show Michael Jackson tattooThe New York Giants’ Extension Odel Beckham Jr. The fissed singer Michael Jackson has expressed their respect, and it is clear that he is the great singer’s faithful fan.

Chicago bear replacement center is placed in the injury reserve listOne of the many problems that plague Chicago bears this season is that it is difficult to maintain the same offensive front line for a long time.

Left Diamond – Jermon Bushrod missed 2 games, left-handed Matt Slauson race reimbursement, striker Roberto Garza missed 4 games Jordan Mills missed the past two games, making only the right strikend becomes the only full-time starting offensive front line player. I have come yet.

Elliot victory over the Lions last Sunday’s game outstanding contribution, advancing 152 yards rushing the ball, the ball forward 88 yards. But head coach Jason – Garrett (Jason Garrett) also revealed that Elliot is currently a knee injury and an ankle injury in the body, the game also has several lame shots.

Cowboy players wear special shoes to support prevention of testicular cancerDallas Cowboy’s near-end Tie-Escobar is subject to testicular cancer in 7 years ago, and later he has been committed to promoting people’s awareness for this disease.

Eskobal is now completely recovered. He is not only the only person in the team to participate in this week’s ball shoes. The team runs Ezekiel Elliott will wear opposing abuse animals and Pet fostered slogan ball shoes.

When Prescentre was defective, Brajn De La Puente, who has taken left average in the past 2 weeks, is placed in the injury reserve by the team injury. Previously, Michael OLA was previously replaced by Mirael OLA, and Mills will return to the stage of Detroit Lion on the Detroit Lion on Thursday.

Gridson became the general manager of Pony in January 2012, and he was in charge of the reconstruction of the four-point guardian Andrew Luck and left PEYTON Manning. Hire Pagano to serve as a coach. In his five seasons he served as the general manager, he won 49 wins and 31 negative records. This season they got 8 wins and 8 wins in a consecutive season.

Summary injuries Tuesday: Ezekiel – Elliot can playBeijing October 3 hearing on Tuesday, US time, Cowboys owner Jerry – Jones (Jerry Jones) on the radio said, running back Ezekiel – Elliott (Ezekiel Elliott) can participate in the game against the Houston Texans on Sunday night race.

Cowboys security guard Jeff – Heath (Jeff Heath) (stinging) is likely to play, but Sean – little Lee (Sean Lee) played possibilities.

Lions starting safety guard Kwame Ende Lie – Diggs (Quandre Diggs) fractures of the hand, not sure how long it will be absent.

Steelers safety guard Nate – Peter Black (Nat Berhe) was added to the injured reserve list, his lungs were injured on Sunday in a game.

Patriots tight end Rob – glycopyrrolate Koski (Stephen Gostkowski) (ankle), cornerback Eric – Romania (Eric Rowe) (groin) and offensive tackles pull Adrian – Wald (LaAdrian Waddle) (illness) did not participate in training. Wide receiver Josh – Gordon (Josh Gordon) (hamstring) is also limited training. This marks the Patriots ready for Thursday’s game against the Colts at the same time, the second consecutive day glycopyrrolate did not participate in training. It is worth mentioning that today’s training just to go over the process, and glycopyrrolate’s injury is not considered too serious, but his injury has yet to be observed a day.

Colt Everett Jack – Doyle (Jack Doyle) (hip), cornerback Nate – Hairston (ankle), wide receiver TY Hilton (TYHilton) (chest / hamstring) and kicker Adam – Vinattieri (right groin) did not participate in training. Tackle Anthony – Fidel through Junior (Anthony Castonzo) and running back Marlon – Mike (Marlon Mack) (hamstring) were limited in training. Vinattieri injuries may lead pony adjust squad, but if the colt does not add new kicker, just hit kick scoring record of Vinattieri should be able to play.

Seattle Seahawks the security guard Earl – Thomas (Earl Thomas) into the injured reserve list. In Sunday’s game better than the Cardinals in his left leg fracture.