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Signola said: “Just like this morning, public security facilities in the western New York takes a period of time to recover from snow disaster. We have communicated with the team and the Red Cross on the resources available to the alliance to communicate This snow disaster will be made by CBS to make the fans in New York and Buffalo areas to see. This can be played on Sunday, but considering that the Bill team has not been trained this week, it will postpone the game. By Monday night. The training facility of the Lion Team will be open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. “

Troji & Bull; Polamaru, Ryan & Bull; Kraka and Ak & Bull; Taylor’s three people will arrive in Beijing on the 17th, they will mall the Great Wall on the 18th, and feel the unique charm of Chinese culture. On the afternoon of the 18th, the three old NFL superstars will visit Bayi Middle School located in Haidian District, Beijing, meet and interact with students. The school will specially arrange a football experience class, and the three superstars will explain the knowledge and rules of rugby, and the hand teaches some of the basic movements and techniques of rugby, experience and share the fun and charm of football. November 18: 00-18: 30, NFL China also arranged a special super bowl of superstars in Beijing Kerry Hotel 2nd, so that the fans have the opportunity to have idols in their minds Take a photo together.

Williams is a matter of concern. In 2015, it performs excellent performance for Buffalo Bier, but after the last season is bad in the dolphins, Williams may only hope that the team is willing to give him a one-year contract. He is far from 2006 to a championship in 2006.

Next, the package will face the Philadelphia Eagle, Houston Texas, Seattle Hawks, Chicago Bear, Minnesota Weijing and Detroit Lion. For the package of injuries, it is necessary to maintain a lot of miracles, but Rogers refused to admit.

NFL spokesman Michael Signora announced on Thursday that due to the weather impact of public lighting facilities in Western New York, considering public security issues, the Buffalo Bill team and the New York jet machine team will be arranged in eastern United States. Time Monday night, the location is the home of the Detroum lion.

However, under the leadership of Aaron Rodgers, the packaged offensive group is still excellent. Rogers has been successfully successful in the seventh week, and the ball is ranked first in the air flying code and the pass reaches of the Ball. He believes that there is enough talent to help them win the last 6 games.

The wounded injury in the bear quartz, the injury, the injury, is not heavy.In an instant, Chicago bear wanted to avoid suffering Cheap Jerseys From China pain failure again to the hope that they would not losing their first quarter-off.

Dolphin’s defensive front line now has Cameron Wake, he has achieved 11.5 killing in the last season. There is also a defensive disappearance. NDAMUKONG SUH. However, their teammates Andre Branch will become free players in March.

All of these troubles delay the arrival of giant fans looking forward to the arrival of the month. When Odell Beckham continues to show the horizontal level of the League, it is easy to forget how dangerous to partner of the Eli Manning in Tocz and the Quara-Manning (Eli Manning).

Giant Exterior Hand Cruz self-confidence can play the next gameNew York Giants Entry Wask – Croz (Victor Cruz) has not been trained in this season. His calf has not heached it, which makes him unable to be selected to play the play of the Washington Red Leather Competition.

On Monday night, the ball ticket and related competition information will be announced later. The alliance will also arrange relevant work as soon as possible to release the relevant work to the public.

NFL Super Bowl Legend Sprinter ChinaNFL regular season is in full swing, November 17th to 22nd, the NFL legendary superstar Troj & Bull, which has just announced retired; Polamar will have two old team friend Ryan & Bull; Kraka and Ak & Bull; Taylor To China, I have visited Beijing and Shanghai to open their “NFL Super Bowl Legend China.” These three American football stars have won 5 super bowls, and their arrival has also opened the curtain of the 50th super bowl. For Chinese fans, the wonderful week of NFL and American football is already in front of the eye.

From November 21st to 22nd, the three stars will appear in the “NFL Super Weepa” held in Shanghai Luwan Stadium, and organize a fan signature meeting (November 22 12: 30-13: 30), and watch NFL University Bowl Finals (November 22, 15: 00-16: 30), experience the unique charm of American football together with fans.

“I feel that we can control the situation, I really think so,” Rogers said to ESPN. “The offensive group began more productive, as long as we play a more stable game from the first gear to the last file. I think we are already close to do this. We really show it in the past few games. good.”

“But it is very important that we are going to enter the state earlier. We open 3 attacks in the red leather competition, all the three-speed attack is not bad, but from the whole season, we have restricted the three-speed attack. The aspect is done very well. We have been going to attack very well. “