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Little Master coach looks forward to Leji-Wayne’s regressionIndianapolis Pony Legendary Entry Rigi Wayne This season is flat. Many experts and fans think that his career may have come to the end. After a new England patriot, Wayne once again asked questions about the future. His contract will also expire after the end of this season.

This season, Wayne has been troubled by injuries. He also revealed that it will overcome injuries in the rest of the course. In the last 10 games in the season, cheap nfl jerseys Wayne did not harvest 1 time. Since 12 weeks, he has not brought more than 4 times in a single game. At present, Pony has already had a very deep ball lineup, and Wayne can make contributions have also been very limited. But everyone knows that Wayne’s role not only stays on the court.

Wayne said: “I haven’t considered this problem yet. Now I know, only we lose the game.” Local time Monday, Chuck Pagano, also asked Wayne’s problem. Everyone wants to know, this has been in the 14 seasons of the pony will appear in the team’s big list next season. Pagano’s answer is very embarrassing: “You all know what Rayg is like, you know his way of work, knowing his thinking mode. If he chooses to continue to fight, I don’t think everyone will be surprised. “

Two weeks ago, Romo was obviously affected in the Jacksonville American tiger, and the movement was slow. But Romo is born is a star, despite this, he still throws a 3-time array and won the four-point guards of 138.8. Healthy Romo is the biggest bad news on the New York giant of the opponent.

“Harvard running guard” He Kai Cheng: Rugby is a classroom of lifeAt the age of 12, He Kai Cheng and his sister were going to the aunt who lived in the United States because of his family, and he didn’t know anything about the future life. After 15 years, Harvard graduates He Kai Cheng recreated the fertile soil of hometown, and the new chapter of life was opened with the identity of the entrepreneurs. It is a American football for the test of life to beat his destiny.

Timely rounds make the denim get fully Dallas denim is no longer in time this season, this week’s round of Tony Romo (Tony Romo) is a lot of rest and recovery time. Jerry Jones also believes that this round is a quite contribution to the team: & quot; I think it is too beneficial, and Romo knows how to take it with it, I think I think When it started to this weekend, Romo can play with the best state. & quot;

Many people’s first impression of American football is a physical movement. It is obviously a misunderstanding in He Kai Cheng: “Behind the game is actually preparing for countless time, not only the body’s training still needs wisdom. In fact, when we look at the time of the video than the time on the court “.” Behind the success of the team tactics, often condense countless hours of thinking and exercise. The battle on the battlefield is changing, and it is a team of players and the team’s team of teamwork. To achieve results, everyone must maintain diligent attitude to improve their self and learn to work with others. In addition, the rugby game also cultivates the player’s character. Everyone is full of efforts. This is the respect for teammates, respect for the opponent, and is also an embodiment of the spirit of sports.

In 2006, He Kai Cheng entered Harvard University to study and compete in the rugby school team. At that time, Asian rarely entered Harvard’s school team, Lin Shuhao read the story of He Kai Cheng from the school newspaper, and met with him at a party. The two have become a good brother who lives in ambition, mutual motivation, and has become a roommate. During the effectiveness of Harvard University, He Kai was selected into the best lineup of the Ivy League, and led the team to maintain an unbeaten record in 2009, “Harvard Yellow Flash” name is also popular on campus and stadium. Open. Although he had to stay away from the stadium in the second half of the university, the influence of rugby to He Kai Cheng is far from being over.

He Kai Cheng was born in Taiwan, and he had a happy family of four. However, 12 years old, my father was sent to the world because of illness, and the mother suffered from mental illness. He Kai Cheng and his sister were almost sent to the orphanage of Taiwan. Fortunately, the aunt in his hometown decided to adopt them and received them from the other side of the United States Georgia. In the face of the sadness and challenge, He Kai Cheng did not sink. Since there is a small universal sports talent, he joined the basketball, track and field and football three school teams, helping themselves to adapt to the new environment and integrate new life.

Before 14 years old, He Kai Cheng never truly touched American football. Because the hundred meters of speed is already approaching for 12 seconds, he is arranged by the coach. At first he is not familiar with the rules of this sport, will only be rushed forward with the ball. However, with the continuous understanding and participation, He Kai Cheng has also completed a group of new friends while enhancing the skills. His English is more proficient, and self-confidence is constantly improving. After understanding the American education system, after the unclear value of the sports, He Kai Cheng is crazy to invest in the training. He has grinded himself in the fierce competition with the local student, and finally won the favor of Harvard.