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Dariel Rewick: I paid all the jetBeijing July 25th, in 11 seasons, Narrelle Revis has turned four teams, but rather than pirates (2013), Patriot (2014) and Chief (2017) For the deepest life, he is the New York jet (2007-2012, 2015-2016).

Looking back all the career, Rewis did not regret, he said: “I feel that I have already built trees. Every game gives me a lot of pressure, my goal is not only the best corner, but Become the best players on the field, this motivation has prompted me to advance. I enjoy my career, I have paid all for this green white jersey. “

The patriots take over Endlman, did not follow the leadSince the left foot fracture has been lacking from November 15th, Julian Erman (Julian EDELMAN) did not take the team to Miami to participate in the game of Armeana dolphins.

It is reported that from the beginning of the new season, the event will be relocated to Orlando. The professional bowl has been held in Hawaii since 1979, only 2 years of 2 were not in Hawaii, so this relocation is a big news.

The patriots will start in advance because their home must hold NHL Winter Classic. In addition to Edelman, the reporter did not find the starting line Wei Dongta – Heili (DONT & # 39; A Hightower) (Zu Zuoyou injured), the first attack cutas Sebastian Vollmer) (SEBASTIAN VOLLMER) Left ankle injury), No. 4 corner Justnet Coleman (Brain shock), first defensive end Robert Ningkevich (tibia injured) and LAN Wei Jonanon Jonathan Freeny (right hand injured) has a training attending the patriot.

Eagle appointed Frank Raiki for offensive coordinatorFormer San Diego lightning offensive coordinator Frank Reich is about to join the Philadelphia Eagle Coach Group. After the appointment Doug-Pederson, the eagle quickly finalized the candidate of the attack coordinator. Raik has been lightning effective in the past two seasons. Since the results of this season are only 4 wins and 12 losses, he was fired earlier this month.

Rewicks used to make the devil who gave the opponent’s quarterly. He was selected for a while in the 2009-2011 season, and a professional bowl was selected in the 2008-2011 season. He has a total of four ALL-PROs in his career. In each game, Rewick is facing the most powerful faculty, including but not limited to Randy Moss, Andre Johnson, Steve Smith (Steve Smith), Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson and Reggie Wayne, but he rarely made the opponent’s attacked.

The problem of the flashing team is constantly, but the team’s attack is still in the League 9th, including the pass attack on the 4th of the League. Compared to excellent pass attack, bad ground offensive and score capabilities may be one of the reasons for lightning decision to give up Raike. The rookie run Wei Melwin-Gordon cannot adapt to the offensive system of lightning, and the team also hopes to design different tactics for him.

Kassel was played in 4 games last season, and 51 passes successfully obtained 284 yards 2 times to double the pass passed. At the beginning of Marcus Mariota, his role became critical after the fracture of the fracture of December.

Giants play the ball, Yosh-Brown is placed in the president’s exemption listAfter the Nfl jerseys reboots for the investigation of Josh Brown’s home violent events, the alliance officially placed this New York giant to play the president’s exemption.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that Titan and the old four-point guard according to the informed news report, the contract is $ 5.25 million. 34-year-old Cassel can get $ 2.75 million.

Kassel was at 17-38 in Jacksonville as a Jacksonville American Tiger in the 16th week of the final, but in the regular season, Houston Texas. His performance is not excellent, but his familiarity of the Titan offensive system is his advantage. When Titan is waiting for Mario Tak Recurrence, Kassel will be needed to operate most of the rest.

After joining the eagle, Raike still faces a lot of problems: Can Sam Bradford renew? Can Demarco Murray? Can Demarco Murray? How to use Ryan Mathews? The Eagle Coach Group has been basically restructured, and then they need to transfer their attention to the players.

Among the alliances notified the letter of the decision, the alliance explained that the reasons for restarting the survey is: “The published materials clearly include information related to other events other than the event that caused by personal behavioral guidelines. The alliance needs further investigation for these other incidents. “

The 37-year-old Brown was arrested in May 2015, and the alliance then conducted a 10-month investigation. Due to the difficulties of collecting information and the reasons for the revocation of Brown, Brown is only banned.

Because of the bought of a crop event, Brown, which is banned, this week, due to more documents describing its family atrocities, it is still in trouble, and he can’t participate in the team before NFL and giants moved to the list before he moved out of the list. Activity.