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Chicago Bear intends to sell Brandon Marshall

cheap nfl jerseys from china famous media people Ian Rapoport reported on Thursday that the Chicago bear team was preparing to take the team’s star outside Brandon Marshall. It is reported that due to the large number of Major’s character and the desire to win, it is often contradictory and teammates, so the Xiong team’s general manager Ryan Pace and the new coach John Fox (John Fox) deliberately rectifyed a locion atmosphere.

Cartelley was written in his own primary version of the emulation draft: Urgently needed four-point guards, Cliffland Brown, will use the No. 12 to sign the patriotic quarter Guimi – Galaboro. Because, Whether Clemsen University, Deson Watson, Northern Carolina, Mitch Trubisky, or Dadwalne, Notre, Deshone kizer, the level is lower than Galaboro.

Lynch was 29 years old this year, and completed 6 seasons in the Hawks. In the 2011 season, he completed 1200 yards from the 2014 season. Every season, he completed 1200 yards, and 11 reacted arms. Declined data in the 2015 season caused data.

The pavement attack increases, and the passing the ball will have an impact. From the data, the number of passes will fall from the 36.6 times of the last season. The ball is 31.8 times this season. However, from the pass mode, the short-lasting ball ratio is: 67%, 23%, 10%, and this season is: 67%, 20%, 13%. Although it is not obvious, it is actually the proportion of 20 yards above 20 yards, but also because of the strong road attack, the other party’s defensive players can only help anti-running, Tony Romo can take this Looking for the ability of the space, in addition, Romo’s passage success rate in the fake race is raised from 58.9% last season to 74.3% of this season, and it is more confirmed the argument of the pavement to help pass.

Lin Qi is busy with global travel still has not signed retirement documents

Seattle Hawks’ Run Ween Marshawn Lynch is preparing to retire from NFL, but he has not officially signed retirement documents so far.

The fourteenth week of the best defensive players: St. Louis ram defensive cut off Aaron Donald, like Mike, we have recently discussed Alon Donald. In the 21-14 defeated Detroit Lion, Donald has achieved 3 kills, and the total number of unbelievous murders increased to 11 times. For an inner rushing hand, such data indicates the location of future celebrities.

Marshall signed a four-year renewal contract in May last May, but Marshall has declined in the status of injuries last season. The data is the worst in recent years, and repeatedly published translucent reminders when they accept media interviews. This allows the bear team management to lose confidence in Marshall.

The fourteenth week, the best players of the United States of America, the best players announced

When a star player like Carril Mack won 5 times in a game, he defeated Denver’s wild horse in two reasons for a very good manifestation. First, we know that his coach knows how to use him. The number of mackens is ranked first in NFL. Second, we can talk about Carrier Mike more often. He has become a star in a rookie season, and now he has been considered to be the same level of Von Miller and Justin Houston. After the game, Mike’s teammate Charles Woodson compared to the Legend THOMAS. If the best honor is not enough, this comparison can make some people happy for a lifetime.

Charlton was selected by the first round of the first round of the denim in 2017. In September last year, he was cut by the cowboy, ending his career in Dallas, during which he was first sent 7 times. Later, Charlton was claimed by Dolphin, a 10 game, contributing to 21 times, 5 killing and 2 times.

The fourteenth Week, the best special service group players: Jacksonville American Tiger outside the handover / abandoned Rashad Greene, the American Tiger has achieved the landmark victory in the game competition, great win their same Partition opponents and get more than 50 points. Green is huge to victory, although the whole game pony avoids kicking the ball, he still gains a 73-drawn kick back to reach.

Lynch announced the retired news in the 50th Super Bowl, which has been retired in Egypt through AFWB organization, which has a chance to help international young people have the opportunity to go to the United States to complete rugby dreams. .

The chief signing defensive end Tittak Charlton

The US local time was found on the defensive end Tak Tak Tak Charlton, which was covered by dolphins last Thursday. According to wholesale nfl jerseys TV reporter Tom Pelissero, the chief has a year contract with the first round show.

The fourteenth week of the best offensive player: New York Giants Quartz, MANNING, when Manning is required to pass the success rate of 70%, many people think this is a joke. Manning exceeded this goal in the game that defeated Miami dolphins, reaching 87%, his 31 passed 28 successfully got 337 yards 4 times.

The 4th Week, the best offensive player: New York Jet 4-point Wei Lan Fitzpatrick, Fitz Patrick’s recent hot, in his and external hands Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall has played the best performance in combined partnership. The cooperation between Fitz Patrick and Marshall is excellent in this season, helping Fitz Patrick to win 263 yards 3 times in 36 passes in the game against Tennesi Titan.