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Wilfolk plans to continue to work for patriots

The new England patriots are still immersed in the joy of winning, but they have to start working on various matters in the rest, including the player’s contractual issue. Local time Thursday, 5th occupational bowl defensive cut off, Wens-Wilfork said, I hope that you can continue to make your patriot next season.

After the explosion force was shown in the previous season, Christine became the first running guard of Seattle Hawks at the beginning of the 2016 season, but he lost his position when he returned to his health. He finally became a seven game for the Hawks last season, completing 117 shots to get 469 yards 6 times.

Michael was previously in the rest of the break and packaging, and he joined the team in November last year. It is reported that his low-cost contract only includes $ 25,000 security income. Michael conducted a total of 6 games in the packaging worker, completed 31 shots and 114 yards were 1 time, and the average of 3.7 yards per shock.

Woody Johnson has publicly expressed its wish to meet Retis last month, and such violations have also been accused and investigated by Cheap nfl jerseys officials. Then, Johnson said that he was “accidentally lost”, he also said that he has called to the patriot boss Robert Kraf, and apologize.

Cowboy defensive disappearance Presses enter the injury reserve list

Cowboy Defensive Diagonal Brian PRICE will receive knee surgery on Tuesday. On Monday, Jason Garrett confirmed that Ples would enter the injury reserve list.

Ingram is slightly injured in the team in the sixteenth week of the twenty-sixth week. He said that he was very worried about his injury because he heard a slap in the back of the calf, but further examined that the injury was not serious, let him let him down.

General Manager of Crows: Or can be used in the end of the election to take over

Baltimore Crow continues to find a possible choice to upgrade the outer junction position, but don’t expect them to pick a well-known outer hand on the election of the election.

The old will be exposed to the early season in the season, and the patriot will be brought to the patriot, but with the peak rumors, it does not attack. In the process of winning the championship, the core player of the Patriot Defense Group, Wilfolk has always played an important role. In the interview, Wilfork revealed that he was plagued by the bamboo injury last season, and he really paid a lot in order to return to the team at the best state. Talking about the next season, Wilfolk said: “I have already started to come to the next season as soon as possible. Rugby is still part of my life, I still keep it passion.”

The judgment of the depth of the external connector may make some teams choose to pick up the outer hand in the first round, they may feel that they can still be able to choose the starting player in a later position.

Jet and Bill will pursue Darier Rewis

The new England Patriots signed a contract for a two-year worth 32 million in two years in the last year of the next year and the top corner of the League, and the second year of the team’s option, salaries reached $ 20 million, under normal circumstances, the patriot is likely to give up the second year of the team option, and because the patriots can’t give the privilege label in this case, this means that Rewis may Being a free player after the end of the season.

Although the crow does need to reinforce the external walking position, Dicosta’s words indicate that he will not pick a few outer junctions that are most concerned about this year. In particular, when Sidee Lamb, De Costa said Rum from the University of Oklahoma will be “long quilt” when the round to the crow. After winning the first round of the show in the first year, the crow seems to decide to decide to use the high selection to use it on the reinforcing defensive group or the inside.

The basic salary of Wilfolk next season will rise to $ 5 million, and he will cause more than 6 million impact on the team wage cap. It is reported that the patriot may reach Wilfolk in order to save salary space. The fans naturally did not want to say goodbye with this 33-year-old minister.

It is reported that the New York Jets and Buffalobier, which is the United States of America, hopes to recruit Rewick. The ESPN said that the jet management has always had the idea of ​​bringing Rewis back to the team, they are ready to strive to win Rewis in the free player market. Last season, Rex Ryan, who was tangled by Tampawan pirates and was signed by the patriot, and the REX RYAN was unobstructed, and this year he Become a Bill’s coach, I want to recruit Rewick’s attitude still has not changed. It is also known that the Patriots are also prepared to provide a more reasonable new contract to Rewis, leaving this star player.