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New England Patriots abandoned Kicks Jake Bailey became the best special team player in Mei Week. The rookie was completed in the team 30-14 overcome the New York jet, of which 5 entered the opponent 20 yard lines, and kicked out of 58 yards farthest.

New York Giants 4 points Daniel Jones becoming the best offensive players in China. In his first first, he led the giant 32-31 reversed defeat the Tanpawan pirate. In the competition, his pass success rate reached 63.0%, got 336 yards, a total of 4 reachaes (2 passed twice). In the reverse attack in the fourth quarter of the competition, Jones passed 5 times, but in the final four-speed attack, Jones completed the 7-yard ball to complete reversal. Under the help of Jones, the giants won the season. He also won the first award.

The eagle main coach Qipper-Kelly, said that KFCs would not be traded on Sunday, he said to the reporter: “Michael KFCs will not go anywhere, I am now You can tell you very certain, you can write down immediately, use a pen, don’t use a pencil. He will not be traded. “

NFL Celebrity Runs Aneas Williams also came to this place where the riots were traveled, but today, he became a pastor to help Ferguson rebuild. He told reporters on Tuesday: “There are so many people here need help. For example, some innocent merchants can only look at the glass of their own shops, although the weather is very cold, but I don’t care, I am not concerned with volunteers. Because we can feel the warmth of the heart. “

Wild Horse New General Manager: I hope to find four-point guards can grow up.

Denver Muslim decided to let Vic Fangio continue to serve as coach in the new season, but the management is adjusted. At this four-defense position, the first-class event is a break, and the new general manager of the wild horse clearly expresses one of the words: the future of Drew Lock (Drew Lock) is still unconpected.

Jacksonville American Tiger Defense Front Players Calais Campbell becomes the best defensive players in Mei Week. The 33-year-old will get 3 kills in the team’s 20-7 defeat Tennesi Titan. This is the 3rd single game in his career to win at least 3 times, and also won the best awards in his career.

Qipu – Kelly said not to trade KFCs

Philadelphie Eagle main line Wei Mike Kentlixs MYCHAL KENDRICKS has been in the transaction rumors this year, and the eagle will have been posing in Brandon Boykin trading in the shelf. The eyes gathered to KFCs, and they guess it will not be the strength player of the next cleaning.

According to NFL Media reporters, the jet is estimating the trading value of Matte-Ford, Ford completed the first show in the season on Saturday, and won the ball 10 times. This summer Hutter was troubled by the tendon injury, but he proved that he recovered.

However, Barton’s attitude toward Locke is not as determined like Elvi, he basically said to reporters still need time to be familiar with the team, and then have a definite view to Rock. Such attitude has also been supported by Fang Gio, the latter means that Barton has studied Locke’s video without other people’s influence, so he can have a “fair view” for Rock.

Rossley Bo: Next season will be the best career

Pittsburgh Steelman’s 2015 season ended in the injury, but offensive core-Roethlisberger has begun to look forward to the new season. Rosreis Boch said in an interview that I look forward to a 2016 season to become the best season in your career.

KFCs and Boikin are selected by the eagle in 2012. It is a few people who have experienced the top Kelly. Now that the Eagle has a hurt, Kiko Alonso, Kiko Alonso, and Demarco Ryans, and the role positioning of KFREx new season cannot be determined.

Rosreis Bog said: “I think I am in the peak of your career, very trusting my teammates, we will usher in a better season.” The steel man has the most sports ability of the league, Antonio – Brown (Antonio Brown), Martavis Bryant and Markus Wheaton will continue to help Roseberg in simply click the up coming internet site future.

In the past two seasons, the average passed number of the Rusley Borg has passed the number of colleagues. This season, his 40 yards or more passage of the league first, the pass number of the pass is 8.4 yards, the league is second. Regrettably, with the injury of Le & Rsquo; ven Bell and De Angelo Williams, the steel man is helpless. If you can stay healthy, the future of the steel is still not to be underestimated.

There are still many jobs to listen to Barton. After finally leaving the General Manager of the NNSUDA, he will spend a busy break after the team is in charge of the team. The next season will prove what his work will have the impact on the wild horse.

Green Bay Packaging Wire Bath Preston – Smith (Preston Smith) became the best defensive player in China. This player who added a package in this year’s break in the team’s 21-17 defeated Denver’s wild horse. He obtained 3 killing once forcing the ball. This is his first performance in the 5 years.

KFCs is only 24 years old this year, and since the entry of the Alliance has been given a hopes. She finally played a famous hall to the top of the league. However, KFRLES is not much higher, height is 5 feet 11 inches, less than 240 pounds, does not comply with Kelly’s hard body requirements for main players, so there is a rumor that Kelly has always wanted to change it as a trading code.