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Leftatics Trent – Williams returns to Hongki but helmet discomfort

Update: According to the wholesale Nfl Jerseys NetWork reporter, Williams tried to wear a helmet after the medical examination, but the helmet was uncomfortable in the head of the hurt. The red skin has two weeks to find him a new helmet.

Pierll Paul’s amputation surgery was accepted on Wednesday. This decision was considered to speed up his recovery process. He also encountered a thumb fracture in a fireworks accident. The giant was later sent a trainer to visit him, but was rejected.

According to the Denver Media, Elvi said that the wild horse did not exceed 4 quadrant guards. Sam Darnold, Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Josh Rosen, Wyoming University, Josh Allen and Baker, Oklahoma University – Baker Mayfield is often considered to be the best 4-digit four defense this year.

In this selection of many excellent quadrants, the wild horses may have a huge return in the transaction, but each time the team is in the Malaysia, there is a certain interest in picking four-point bath. Cleveland Bridge holds the rating of the Yuan Sign and the fourth time, the New York giant and the New York jet have a list and cheap nfl Jerseys exploration. The wild is signed for 2 years with the quartz-keenum.

Wild horse wire returns to train, playback is expected to come out

Denver Yam did not relax in Christmas day. Several wounded people returned to training, they look forward to winning the last game of the regular season. At the same time, the Brandon Marshall also appeared on the day of training. Although he did not join the team training, he chose a small amount of recovery training together with the fitness trainer and the instructor responsible for strength.

Alliances and various teams can only continue to adapt to the status quo in the case of the epidemic. Usually this mini training camp is over. For the second year, Jinsuri, who was coach, the old players didn’t have to continue to participate in the training.

It is reported that the answer given by the alliance is not. People said that this is very unexpected, and the pink month in October is a show of the alliance. Obviously the alliance does not want Williams to wear pink spare parts next month to ensure that he will not get any benefits.

The deadline for the privileged label player signed the long-term contract is July 15th, Pierre Paul and the giant will not renew the contract before this day. Until he recovered healthy, he would not signed a privileged label contract worth $ 14.8 million.

Wild Horse Coach John Fox (John Fox) said: “He can play immediately, progress every day. We all believe that he can see him in the playoffs.” At present, Marshall is the only list of 53 people in the wild horse. Excelled the trained player. In the fourth quarter of the game competition, the security guard T.J.-Wald (T. J. Ward) did not participate in the confrontational training, but a small amount of relevant positions were conducted for two consecutive days.

The mother of Pittsburgh Steelman’s Run Dude Angelo Williams is the May 2014 because of breast cancer, he hopes that he can not only wear pink spare parts in October, to commemorate your mother in the whole year. .

After the team of Chicago and Tennessee Titan ended the virtual off event, the Sapphire Crury, Kliff Kingsbury, told that the team would not have to continue to participate in the virtual break event, he Will see you again in the training camp.

Manning believes this accident is “unlucky.” He said: “I don’t know the whole process of this accident, but you never want to see professional athletes injured, especially in the way that it is avoidable.”

“Obviously (Pierll Paul) is an important player,” Manning said on Friday. “He is an important force for the defensive end, so I hope that everything can be better and he can keep health, I hope he can continue to show a high level when playing.”

According to Washington Media, even if the team reported that Williams did not change their ideas, he did not intend to play in this season. This means that his return is just to avoid the time of the free player.

The opponent of this week will be an Auckland raid, because the opponent is weak, does not rule out the team will treat the wounded in a more conservative manner. In addition, the external hand is injured in the hip, and only participated in a small number of training.

Another reason why Williams is absent is contract. He is currently in the contract, but the red skin does not want to renew with him, because the team does not want to set a precedent to avoid other contracts for 2 years, it requires renewal.

Many people familiar with people said that Hongki may also seek Williams in next year. Because they think that his value is not high, it is close to the draft and the offensive cut off, and the red skin will be able to get more transactions.

Williams never publicly happened during the absence team event, so he did not know the exact cause of the team activity. However, many people familiar with the matter said this is due to medical problems and the difference between the team. Williams has told the teammates and coach members. He didn’t want to play back for red skin.