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It is unclear what the performance of this surgery will mean for the performance of Gordon. Lightning takes a big event in this year’s break, so people can easily rebound from the disappointing rookie season. Gordon’s self-confident knee will not become a problem, but this will be a matter of lightning wanted to pay close attention next season.

The little horses take over T. Y Hilton (T. Y Hilton) was injured in the second quarter after the second quarter. Falcon safety Weikiyanu Neil is hurts to leave. Defensive Dramati-Grady Jarrett also was injured by the toe.

Since the opponent is the dolphins of this season, the offensive group is blessed! Cowboy relizses the difference between the third quarter to directly pull the difference, Amari Coooper 19 yards, Dak Prescott, also contributed 8 Code Ball Deta.

After the conversion of the ball, the lion offensive group 3 filed the bureau. After the eagle is close to the division of Nelson – Agholor. The lion’s free shot tries to be covered by the eagle, but the eagle offensive group failed to seize the opportunity, and Wholesale Jerseys the 4th gear will fail again, the score has not been rewritten.

7. The Indianapolis ponyt team requested the Alliance to try a new spree rule in the preseason, this proposal hopes that the team will receive a 50-yard free shooting opportunity after completing the 2 points.

Harrison said: “To tell the truth, who is four-point guard will not affect the goal of the defensive group. Our goal is to do better, from the defensive end support the team, also support the quarter-saving. Prevent the opponent score, Let’s talk about the most real thing. If we can make your work perfect, then we have no reason to lose the game. “

Xie Pard is a two-round show in 2016. Since entering the Alliance, it has been a giant trust in the second. Now Little Odel Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) has begun to start a new stage in Brown, Xie Pud will compete with Gorden Tate (Golden Tate) to compete with the 2019 giant number.

The defensive performance of the Steelman season has been more than people expected before the season, especially the strong front line. The steel man accumulates 17 kills, column 6, and completed complement of complex subtocks in three consecutive games. Steven Tuitt and Cameron Heyward are the backbone of the team defensive, and the new showline Boude-Dopree also contributed 3 killing. This week, the steel man will have a shortcomings of the Mandarin March.

In the early 19th century, this movement started in England, and the difference between the standards can be handheld. Can be called Sagby football (Rugby Football is now the English football); can’t turn it into a federal football (that is, the football that is now, because the sports There are some federations to hold a game, so this is named. The word “Soccer” is the abbreviation of the term “association” at that time. As the football is more and more popular with British football than English football, Therefore, “Football” is directly used to call football. The US situation is different, Football is used to call American football.

The alliance wants to modify the rules discussed at the next anniversaryOn Wednesday, the NFL Competition held a short press conference that published 23 rules and 4 internal charters that will be discussed at the NFL annual meeting in Phoenix this Sunday, and 23 rules The 18 originates from the team’s proposal.

Just like unveiling events to win the falcon, Viking Kirk Cousins ​​is not too much to do today. He has completed 15 times in the audience, promoted 174 yards, reached once. Run Dalvin Cook has been promoted throughout 100 yards in three consecutive waves, and attacked the top beam column.

Lightning runs to Gorden accepts knee minimally invasive surgery this yearAfter a disappointing rookie season, San Dien’s flash runs to Melvin Gordon, is urgent to prove that he can become the team in the new season.

Xavien Howard is not smooth today, complete 2 times, and later being expelled. Si San Rosen Rosen 39 passed 18 times, advanced 200 yards. Although the offensive group entered the Red Area, I finally got 2 anygs of shooting scores, and once I was causing the ball from Kenyan Drake.

According to San Diego local media report, Gordon accepts surgery in January and requires 4 to 6 months to recover. Gordon said that he is expected to be restricted in training and said that he is not worried about the training camp. Gordon’s left knee cartilage in the game last December 20 last year.

According to NFL NetWork reporters, this injury will affect Xie Pad’s regular season, and he cannot determine if it will be unveiled. The giant will fight the cow in the first week, and the preparation time is only six weeks left.

When the game is only two minutes left, the four-dimensional Jan Jackson completes the rush to reach the scorpion, and the score will be chased to 33-28. But the two points of the two points have not been successful, and the gambling kick is also obtained by the chief. The competition is ended.