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Sunday night preview: patriot vs wild horse

With the fall of the Thanksgiving Wars, the remaining competition in the twelfth week is about to start. As a weekly night game, this week does not make fans disappointed. The new England Patriots in the season will challenge the wild horse to the Denver Plateau.

Quartz Weiberss self-confidence has better understood offensive group

In the 2017 season, the Jigi has enabled new coaches, a new offensive group, but also used a new quarter-saving. But Blake Bortles is tenacious, and the preseason is held on the bench and can’t stop him. In the 2018 season, Botes confident allows the game to rise to a new height.

Wild Horse and Defense True Mike – Percore Continuation for 3 years

US Tuesday, according to ESPN reporters, the wild horses and the old will defensive Diak Purcell for three years. According to the source report, the total salary of the new contract is close to 15 million US dollars.

8 wins and 2 losses of wild horses were last week of the four-point Weakock & Bull; Osweiler’s leadership finally stopped the battle of the two streaks. Although the wild horse is dangerous to win the bear, Osville’s play is a rapid, 250 yards of pass data and 2 pass to reach a good, and a number of teammates will praise it. This week Pedton & Bull; Manning continues to avoid the wag, Osville will continue to lead the wild horse. And the main plug-in Imanur & Bull; Sanders is likely to return out this week will become a good news of the wild horse offensive, one of the left-right arm of Manning, has been absent from the injury of ankles and fingers. If Sanders is repeated this week, he will assist another External Hand Maris & Bull; Thomas to assist Osville’s home victory. As the best defensive group of this season, although I have already taken 10 teleculations and 4 times back to reach, but recently expressing a strong man, this game is mainly engaged in Madamus & Bull; Wal continues due to Talking, by Feng & Bull; Miller, Azu & Bull; Talibabe, etc. will become the strongest weapon to defend the height.

10 wins 0 negative new England patriots ushered in the biggest test of this season. All fans expecting people between Manning and Braddy perhaps the last regular final confrontation has declared the end of Manning’s injury. Tom & Bull; Braddy is still the strongest weapon of patrigoes, but the big area of ​​injury in the ball will make Braddy’s headache, Julian & Bull; Edrman has been absent because of the injury, and another old partner Dan Ni & Bull; Oman Dora also confirmed the battle of this focus due to lack of lack. Before the match, the wild horse defensive group Talibu once claimed that the team will use three people to focus on the mainstay of patriots, the number one killing Rob & Bull; Gronkovski, this also shows Gronkov. Sky’s horror, as of last week, the most terrible red area machine of this Alliance has taken 843 yards and 8 times, and almost all the proximal pendants related to the data, he has already entered the top six in the league. Such a terrible weapon will join Braddy to strive to attack the horseman plateau home.

But as the league (cheap nfl jerseys from china history also possible) one of the top quarterbacks, Rogers dragging leg or out of their own pocket, completed three passes, sent two touchdowns. Especially the “Rogers & amp; Rogers” That ball, Aaron – pass to tight end Richard Rogers – Rogers (Richard Rodgers) touchdown, it can be regarded as one of the many highlights of Rogers’ career.

On the other hand, the other positions of the Jaguji offensive group are strong enough, and there may not require excellent quartz-guards to change the game, Botes themselves clear this. When I was asked if I would choose myself in Fantasy: “It should not be, it is better to choose Leonard Fournette.”

Pelsell has played 11 games in the past two seasons, including 4 games from the first season. He has become one of the fixed members of the wild horse defense, and also shows reliable scorpion defensive.

Botes said: “Everything is still in the basic level, such as & lsquo; I am listening to tactical layout, thinking about the foot, knowing the player, remembering their running route & rsquo; etc. But now, I feel I have a better understanding of the offensive group. I know more deep. I also know that I have not ended, I still need to continue to work hard to fully master all. But I am more confident. “

This season’s steel man’s defensive does not have the courage of the year, but the safety of Troy Polamalu still believes that the team has the ability to prevent the last attack of the other party. Polamanon said: “We have once again appeared in the next half of Cleveland Brown. The offensive group is good, but the defensive group is good, but in the second half, we lost the direction.” This weekend, the steel man will sit in the main court to meet the weak travelers, Jacksonville, this is another game that must be taken.

Seattle Seahawks will not want to pass up playing the Packers, even have Richard – Sherman (Richard Sherman), Packers wide receiver combination Jody – Nelson (Jordy Nelson) and Randall – Cobb (Randall Cobb) still have a chance to penetrate the Seahawks defense, coupled with the eye-catching game on the outside to take over the German rookie Venter – Adams (Davante Adams), I believe that even if the Seahawks will be a headache.