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Indiana Polisi strikes the old man to run Wei Scha-Ville

Beijing May 1st, after the draft did not pick the running guard, cheap jerseys online the Indiana Polis pony increased an old will.

Pony was announced on Tuesday to sign the Spencer Ware. NFL TV reporter Tom Pelissero reported that the contract was 1 year, worth 1.3 billion US dollars, with a maximum value of $ 2050.

The 27-year-old Ville 2013 was selected by the Seattle Sea Eagle, and he has been effective cheap jerseys for sale the Chizs City Emirates in the past 4 years.

After the stunning performance is displayed as a replacement in 2015, VEE has exploded in 2016, and the 1368 yards have been promoted in the 14th front. Originally he was designated as the first running guard in the 2017 season, but he was injured in the season in the season. Last year, he as a replacement running season, but the mid-season of the season was further weakened. She only completed the 51st mushroom last season to get 246 yards 2 times.

In Pony, Ville will compete with Marlon Mack, Nyheim Hines, Jordan Wilkins, and Jonathan Williams. The best opportunity cheap jerseys for sale Viri wants a team is to become a scorpion from the middle road.