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Cowboy high-level: still hopes to be able to renew the four-point guard

Dallas cowboy failed to check the length of the DAK Prescott in the renewal deadline and 4 points. However, the two sides did not seem to be dissatisfied.

After the deadline, Prescot said that he was “unhappy”.

In the first time after the two sides did not renew the interview, Stephen Jones, Executive Vice President of Cowbi, also expressed the two sides still may continue to negotiate.

“We have had a good visit to the deadline. We strive to promote some changes in some places to see if we can complete the renewal,” Jones said. “But he is very good at Dallas Cowboy, is optimistic about our team, he is ready to win the super bowl champion, this will only create more value for him, create more value for cowboy.”

7 months ago“So we have a power of this, still 100% confidence of Dack and his future in the future, I believe that we can finally complete the renewal. He is very special. As Jerry and I said, we support him, we I feel that I can finalize the renewal. “

cheap nfl jerseys from china TV Network reporter Jane Slater then reported that Prescot was involved in negotiations at the deadline, but both parties were not small. Now Prescot will only receive only $ 31.4 million privilege label contracts in the new season.

“For negotiations, I don’t want to use & lsquo; approach & rsquo; this word. You either finisher,” Jones said. “We have not completed the contract. I won’t blame anything. This is just an ordinary thing. When you are signed such a contract & mdash; & mdash; for our team, not just for Dak but For our intent team, the impact of this contract & mdash; & mdash; we certainly want to completely complete the renewal. I know that he respects Jerry and I, respecting the achievements we want, we are also. “

Jones admits that the biggest difference is the length of the contract. Cowboys hope that the new contract is 5 years, which is also the renewal length of most of the star players. And the Dick side wants a four-year contract so that he can become a free player earlier. In addition, Jones also stated that uncertainties caused by new crown epidemic also hindered the negotiation.

Cowboy can use the privileged player label to Prescot next year, and they will work hard next year and he sign a long time, cheap jerseys from china but this time the price may be higher.