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NFL player will announce the record of Brundy appeal

The public now has more information to judge whether the New England cheap nfl jerseys Patriots 4-point Tom Brady is honest for “venting”. The NFL player will submit the testimony records in Braddy in the June of 457 on Tuesday. Breddy denied that the game with a ball hand with a ball in the United States championship or anyone against the ball.

In the record, Baddi denied that the ball was discussed with the ball pressure in the game, and denied that he was considering the fever of these balls when choosing the ball. He said that he was until October 16, 2014, he knew that it was a regulation of the growth of the ball in the game, he complained that the expiration of the game in that game.

Breddy said he never been informally not announced the text message during the appeal. His lawyers refused to hand over the mobile phone in the “Golden Gate” investigation in Brett Favre, which was only fined as a precedent against the banned decision. “Ted Wells” independent investigator Ted Wells admitted that it never told Braddy if it did not hand over SMS records, he said that Braddy did not hand over the phone to let him Questioning this quarter-saving credibility.

In addition, Braddy said that he did not know the patriotic equipment managers who did not know that they were considered to be aerated, Jim McNally. He said he could only recognize the face of the latter but did not know the name.

The League requested the judge to determine whether cheap nfl jerseys made a proper decision last week. The judge has requested the Braddy and the President of the Alliance Roger Goodell to testify next week. He strongly hopes that both parties can reach an agreement to resolve this matter.