Burglars target home of newlyweds

Two young burglars have each been sentenced to over a year in prison after admitting to stealing from the home of a couple who had just gone on their honeymoon.

Following news of the break-in at their home close to Bedale in North Yorkshire, Chris and Hilary Speight had to return early from their holiday in France as they celebrated the fact they had just got married.

It has been reported that the property had been vandalised with around £34,000 worth of possessions taken by the thieves, who had also tortured the couple’s two cats.

The two 22-year old thieves were named as Dean Berry and Michael Yeatman, with jail terms of 18 months and 15 months handed down respectively.

Two juveniles who were also involved in the burglary will have to face a youth court.

Mr Speight explained how their house may have been selected by the thieves due to the wedding reception taking place near to where one of the burglars lived, so they knew the couple would be leaving their home unprotected.

He added:

“We’re a little bit wary of leaving the property empty now.

“I think the sentencing was appropriate and I hope they learn from it and become more constructive members of society.”

When going on holiday there are a number of precautions you can take to look after your home. These include getting neighbours to keep an eye out for you on any suspicious behaviour occurring outside the property while it is left empty, and installing a suitable home security system.

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