You’ll Never See a Wrinkle Again, Thanks to These Steamers

If you’ve ever found yourself frantically smoothing out a wrinkled dress, shirt, or pants with no time to change, consider it your cue to invest in one of the best clothes steamers money can buy. For the uninitiated, steamers can be a style game changer: They play nice with different fabrics (i.e., you won’t singe your linen pants), can outperform irons (thanks to their larger water tanks), can unwrinkle upholstery, and even have the power to zap bacteria with the heat.

And if you don’t have room for an ironing board in your space, the right models can fit everywhere from your closet to your suitcase. (If you need more convincing, they can ~also~ help you save big on your dry-cleaning bill.)

These days it’s easier than ever to find a good one: Retailers are stocking the shelves with more options than ever, such as travel garment steamers to handle your vacation dresses, models with longer cords for easy movement, and standing steamers for bulkier items that require a little more TLC. Here, nine of the best clothes steamers for keeping your clothes fresh. 

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