Why George Clooney Says He Cuts His Son’s Hair But Not His Daughter’s

George Clooney and Amal Clooney might be A-list stars, but at home, they’re just your everyday married couple. As a dad, there are tasks George can do and other duties that are just off-limits… at least, according to Amal. What’s one of those things, you ask? Well, he’s not allowed to do his daughter’s hair.

The Clooneys are parents to twins Alexander and Ella, and in a new interview with W magazine, he reveals why he doesn’t touch Ella’s hair. “I cut [my son’s] hair, and I cut my own hair too, but I’ve always cut my own hair,” he says. “My hair is like straw. I haven’t cut my daughter’s hair. I’d get in trouble if I did. If I screw up my son’s hair, he’ll grow out of it. But my wife would kill me if I touched my daughter’s hair.”

Andrew Goodman/Getty Images

If Ella’s hair is anything like her mom’s, then it’s no surprise Amal wouldn’t want it cut, especially by a non-professional. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if George quite counts as a professional hair-cutter even though his hair has looked great for decades. 

Despite not being allowed to touch his daughter’s hair, he says there are parental chores he handles all the time.“I’ll tell you what I’ve taken on as a hobby: two or three loads of laundry a day, dishes all fucking day, because these kids are all slobs,” he tells W, laughing, explaining how he’s been spending his days in quarantine. (Um, I would love to see George Clooney was a dish!) “Apparently, you have to wash your children every once in a while.” 

Bathing your children, doing their laundry, and cleaning dishes are definitely aspects of parenthood that are unavoidable. As for hair-cutting? We guess George Clooney will just stick to handling that for Alexander. At least for now.

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