We Finally Know What Happens to Elle and Noah in ‘Kissing Booth 3’


Warning: This post contains major spoilers for The Kissing Booth 3.

Since the first Kissing Booth movie premiered on Netflix in May 2018, we’ve been following the many adventures and conundrums of Elle Evans (Joey King) with fervor and occasional skepticism. Now, three years later, the trilogy has finally come to a close with the release of The Kissing Booth 3 on August 11, 2021.

Throughout the franchise, our girl Elle has faced two major dilemmas that go hand in hand. The first one is deciding what college she should attend: Harvard or Berkeley. The second one is figuring out which Flynn brother ranks higher in her heart: Jacob Elordi’s Noah (a.k.a. the crush of her life and current boyfriend, who’s currently attending Harvard) or Joel Courtney’s Lee (a.k.a. her longtime BFF, with whom she promised to go to Berkeley many moons ago).

Filmed directly after the first two films, The Kissing Booth 3 picks up where the sequel left off, after Elle and Lee’s high school graduation. Right before heading out to college and with a newly mended relationship, the two BFFs stumble across a “beach bucket list” they had written during their childhood (which shouldn’t come as a surprise given the pair’s penchant for decades-old lists) that they set out to complete.

Aside from summer fun galore and briefly rekindled love triangles, the third movie also has the answers to our two burning questions and they might not be what viewers had expected. In the end, Elle chooses neither Noah nor Lee, she chooses herself—though with a little help from Noah, who breaks up with her so as not to pressure her to follow him to Harvard. One might think the unexpected breakup will push her closer to Lee, but nope, she ends up going to neither Harvard nor Berkeley, but to USC, where she majors in video game design. 

While this means Elle and Noah’s love story does come to an end during the film, the pair do cross paths once again after a six-year time jump at their old high school’s fundraiser (call it fate, call it rom-com…) and sparks fly, though not as intensely as in the first move. It’s a little open to interpretation as to whether they’ll reunite for good, but hey, time does heal all (bucket-list inflicted) wounds.

All three Kissing Booth movies are currently available to stream on Netflix.

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