Tiffany Trump Dragged for Posting ‘Happy Birthday’ Message to Her Brother During Capitol Riot

While droves of President Donald Trump’s supporters dangerously stormed the Capitol on January 6, Tiffany Trump was posting cheerful birthday messages to her brother Eric. 

And no, she didn’t post these messages before the riot. Her birthday tweet was sent at 5:48 p.m. E.T., hours after Trump supporters invaded the Capitol to violently “protest” the 2020 election results. 

“Happy Birthday @erictrump I love you and I’m so grateful to always have you by my side! ❤️,” she posted to Instagram as well as Twitter. 

Twitter users, including celebrities, were quick to point out Tiffany Trump’s questionable timing. “Tiffany, daddy and big brother is [sic] trying to overthrow democracy at this moment,” one user replied. That was pretty much the theme of all the other responses. 

“Let them eat birthday cake,” one person said.

Of course, someone pulled up a perfect America’s Next Top Model GIF to demonstrate exactly what everyone is thinking. 

Vanity Fair correspondent Emily Jane Fox wrote, “I’m still keeping track. So far today: -Don Jr. and Eric Trump whipped up the crowds in DC -Ivanka Trump referred to those storming the Capitol as ‘American Patriots’ before she deleted the tweet -Tiffany feels this is the opportune moment to post…this…,” referring to Tiffany’s birthday messages. 

SNL comedian Chloe Fineman even managed to create a spoof of Tiffany’s posts. “I’m really sorry I didn’t call you sooner; I was getting all these weird calls phone calls from the Secret Service. I don’t know what that’s about,” she said in the sketch.

She continued, “Dad was, like, calling and texting saying, ‘Finally had a good day at work!’ Well, actually, he didn’t call; it was on Twitter, but anyway, you know how it goes.”

Meanwhile, President Trump was locked out of his Twitter account for 12 hours beginning at 7 p.m. E.T. on January 6, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg has suspended POTUS’s Facebook and Instagram accounts “indefinitely.”

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