This Concealer Is Like a Good Night’s Sleep in a Tube


I like to consider myself pretty easy going. However, there are a few things I refuse to compromise on—like the quality of a spicy margarita or my go-to pair of jeans. Topping the list is the perfect concealer. I require one with serious camouflaging powers that still has a light-as-air finish. 

If there’s anyone I could trust to make my concealer dreams come true, it’s Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who happens to have just launched her beauty line, Rose Inc. The model always looks effortlessly glowy, but I’ve spoken to her in-depth about her chronic adult acne, so I knew she’d deliver in the coverage department. 

Turns out my hunch was correct, and the Rose Inc Softlight Clean Dewy Hydrating Concealer is one of my favorite launches of the year. First of all, the packaging is incredibly chic. I love the frosted tube and the fact that it has flat edges so it doesn’t roll around my vanity. The applicator itself is a jumbo-sized doe foot, which makes it easy to cover a lot of area. That’s great if like me, you have large swaths of acne scars or want to use it as a foundation (like Rosie does).

The formula itself has almost a pudding-like texture. It’s whipped and fluffy and thick and makes a satisfying slurping sound when you pull the applicator out of the bottle. The formula is enriched with squalene for hydration, vitamin E to nourish, and Fig Buttercup Extract to soothe the skin and calm redness. This makes for a silky smooth formula that glides onto skin like butter. I also appreciate the fact that despite all the hydrating ingredients in the formula, Huntington-Whitley made sure it (and the entire line) is non-comedogenic, so I know it won’t break me out. The entire range, which spans an edited collection of skin care and makeup, is cruelty-free, clean, and vegan. 

Bella Cacciatore 

The Softlight Concealer covers blemishes and redness beautifully—it offers just enough pigment to hide imperfections but doesn’t look heavy or cakey—but in my opinion where it really shines is on under eyes. It has such a silky texture that it glides right on and covers dark circles while adding such a pretty luminosity. It packs just the right amount of brightness but doesn’t look fake the way a lighter shade of concealer sometimes can, and it never creases or bunches up. I often get dry under-eyes so my concealer tends to “crumble” throughout the day. It’s never been an issue with this formula. I’ve also found it helpful for cleaning up any mascara smudges or refreshing my makeup after hours of wear, and it looks equally as pretty blended out with my fingers, a sponge, or the brand’s (excellent) concealer brush.  

I’m getting a little tired of the influx of celebrity brands, but it’s heartening that this one truly delivers something that was missing. At least to my high standards.  

Rose Inc. Softlight Clean Dewy Hydrating Concealer

Bella Cacciatore is the beauty writer at Glamour. Follow her on Instagram.


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