These Ridiculously Soft Bath Towels Are Better Than a Warm Bath


If quarantine inspired you to up your robe and slippers game, consider venturing further into post-shower territory with the best bath towels. The majority of us probably don’t stop to think about the towels we use on daily basis, but it’s the small things that set quality options apart from ones that are stiff, paper-thin, and (worst of all) scratchy. 

You don’t need to be a textile expert to know when you’re in the company of a great bath towel. You can tell (and feel!) the difference immediately: The best bath towels are plush, soft, and have just the right amount of heft—no matter your personal preference for weave or color. And if you want a towel that doesn’t simply “just get the job done”, you should know: The higher the thread count, the thicker, fluffier, and warmer the towels tend to be. Thread count gets measured in “gsm,” or grams of fabric per square meter. Most brands describe their mid-weight styles as having around 500-650 gsm, so if you want something more lightweight (but still quick-drying), you’ll probably want to look for options below 500 gsm. Vice versa, if you want absorbency and a super chunky feel, you’ll want to keep an eye out for styles above 650 gsm. 

Now you can totally carry on using the towels you have, or you can level up to cloud-like textiles with hotel-worthy finishes. The choice is yours! And don’t worry about having to shell out hundreds of dollars on a new set. Many direct-to-consumer brands in the home arena are selling quality bundles at prices that don’t break the bank. It’s true that bath towels don’t get as much hype as linen bed sheets or silk pillowcases, but they’re serious self-care workhorses, so investing in a well-made set should be a no-brainer. Ahead, the 13 best bath towels to shop now.

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