The Best Winter Makeup Tips for When Your Skin Is Dry and Flaky

Each season comes with its own uniquely annoying beauty challenges, and in the winter nothing can be more frustrating than having to track down the best makeup for dry skin. With the frigid air sucking moisture from your face, you need more than just a solid heavy-duty moisturizer if you want skin that glows and makeup that doesn’t flake—especially now that we’re dealing with chafing and irritation from masks on top of our regular seasonal dryness. 

So we went to one of the best celebrity makeup artists in the game, Katie Jane Hughes, for her tips on how to apply makeup when your skin is dry and flaky. True to excellent form, she let us in on exactly how she pulls off the incredible looks she demonstrates on Instagram, no matter what winter skin issues the season serves up. Her biggest tip: Your skin care prep before putting on makeup is just as important as the concealer or foundation you use. Read on for Hughes’ advice, plus the best makeup for dry skin.

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