Kourtney Kardashian Just Shut Down Body-Shamers Who Think She’s Pregnant

News flash: People with uteruses do not exist solely to be hosts for embryos. Literally all Kourtney Kardashian had to do was get out of bed to ignite speculation that she and boyfriend Travis Barker are expecting a little one, and it’s so tired and predictable.

Kardashian, who has three children with her ex Scott Disick, posted some closet-mirror selfies to Instagram on Thursday, August 12, in which she wears a bra from her sister Kim’s Skims line and a red skirt. She pouts for the camera with her hair up and her midriff exposed. She looks, dare I say it, totally normal. “Say hi to my closet,” she wrote in the caption.

Yet the comments section on her post is filled with randos commenting, “pregnant” (sometimes posed as a question), or adding the pregnant-lady emoji, and getting into fights with one another over whether or not such a comment is rude. The reality is it’s somewhere between body-shaming and being invasive. Even if there’s no ill intent, it’s just awkward to go around assuming or asking about a woman’s being pregnant if she hasn’t opened up that conversation herself. 

Kourtney Kardashian did respond, but kept her words on the matter short and sweet: “I’m a woman with a BODY,” she wrote, according to JustJared. Seriously, the hyper-focus on women’s bodies, not to mention our cultural fixation with when and how women can become pregnant, is getting so gross. 

My most generous interpretation of the situation is that her followers are going overboard in their support of her relationship with Barker. The two do seem to make each other happy. Barker’s daughter, Alabama, recently referred to Kardashian as her “stepmom.”

“I’m spending time with a woman who’s a great mom, who’s a great friend,” Barker told Drew Barrymore earlier this year. Awww.

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