Jill Biden Decorated the White House Lawn With Valentine’s Day Hearts


Reminder: Valentine’s Day is coming! Thankfully, the first couple didn’t seem to forget. First lady Jill Biden decorated the lawn at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with giant Valentine’s Day hearts bearing sweet messages.

It seems the pink, red, and white hearts were placed on the lawn early on the morning of February 12, and they say things like “unity,” “kindness,” “healing,” “love,” “compassion,” “courage,” “hope,” and “peace.” The first lady’s office released a statement, explaining that Dr. Biden “is known for her sense of humor, love of surprises, and celebrating traditions… This is her Valentine to the country.” 

Hopefully, she’ll be just as into it come St. Patrick’s Day next month!

The hearts are signed “Love, Jill.” And while taking a walk with their morning mugs of hot beverages and their dogs Champ and Major, the Bidens answered a few questions from the press about the holiday. President Biden said that Valentine’s Day is his wife’s “favorite day, for real,” and she explained that she wanted “some joy” during these bleak times. Jill Biden wore a magenta coat, just to keep on theme.

“The press is gonna think it’s for them,” the president quipped. He refused to say what he’d gotten his wife for Valentine’s Day, because it isn’t the 14th yet. Good man, keeping the surprise a secret. He also recalled Valentine’s Day of 2009, his first year as vice president, when Dr. Biden and her pupils decorated his office with hearts that read, “Joe loves Jill.”

The president also reflected on the losses many Americans are feeling after almost a full year of the pandemic ravaging families. Acknowledging their grief, he said that those we’ve lost “are still in our hearts,” adding that he knows from experience. (Biden lost his first wife and daughter in a car accident, and his son Beau to a brain tumor.)


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