How to Pull Off Flawless Denim-on-Denim Outfits


Denim on denim: a style choice that’s had it’s fair share of shade. From referring to the look as a “Canadian tuxedo” to Britney and Justin’s infamous 2001 matching denim situation, the concept of pairing one jean item with another is the epitome of a fashion “don’t” for those people who still think “rules” matter. 

The truth is, few other materials can define America and its storied subcultures better than denim: rockers, bikers, cowboys, farmers, hippies, rappers—they all put their own very different stamp on the same staple, intentionally or not. And today, we’re just as connected to our own interpretations of denim, which often means pairing pieces up for a vibe that’s, in a word, cool

Universal Standard Marne Bootcut Jeans

As you’ll see below, some of the world’s most stylish women are fans of the double denim look, but have put their own spin on it. From dark jeans paired with a light jean shirt or buttoned jacket to a frayed denim skirt with an oversized chambray top, the options are pretty endless—and infinitely easy to pull off.  See how to do it with 24 fantastic denim-on-denim outfits below.  


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